With finals week just around the corner, everyone’s stress and chaos levels are at an extreme high. Give yourself a break this Friday and stop by International Coffee Hour; a weekly event held every Friday from 5- 6:30 pm at the Globe building on FSU’s campus. The event is free and open not only to students, but also faculty members and the public.

1. Students Organize It

  Coffee Hour is hosted by registered international student organizations. This allows the organizations to bring a touch of food from where they are from and share it with FSU’S culture. The organization hosting the event has two responsibilities for the night. They create a menu and help the student chef prepare, set up, and serve the food to arriving guests.    

2. Free Food

Gif Courtesy of giphy.com

After a long week of studying your a*s off at Stroz and spendng endless money on frapuccinos, it is nice to get some free coffee in return for your hard efforts. Did I mention all refreshments given out at Coffee Hour are FREE and each week consists of a creative new theme?Even better, if you find a food option that you can’t live with out, you can take home the recipe and try it yourself. This can serve as a perfect guide for a potluck, or an attempt at impressing your friends for the night.  

3. Culture

Other than coming for the free goods, exchanged students, and individuals from different areas of the world, see it as a weekly hangout spot. Individuals enjoy the idea of being able to meet others and learn about their cultures and beliefs. Some come to learn a new language, or just to be amazed at some fun facts about certain foods, or diets that people have. Anyone that is interested in a culturally diverse environment should definitely check this out.