Let's be honest, going to the gym can get boring. We fall into the same workout routine day after day, to the point where we lose all motivation to continue. Even more so, it can be difficult trying to find the time to work out in between the demands of classes and homework. But, not to worry, here are three workout classes that you need to spice up your exercise routine. These workout classes will definitely make you want to get up and shape up, just in time for summer! 

1. Pure Barre 

Pure Barre, in Reynolda Village, offers a fifty-five minute, total body workout that focuses on your seat, thighs, abs, and arms. As a person who loves to run, I'm used to the idea of sweating heavily and leaving the gym feeling completely exhausted, so admittedly, I was wary of the technique at first. But I promise you, those little movements that cause your body to shake have a tremendous impact. Plus, it's relieving to finish working out without feeling as if I am going to collapse, while still knowing that my muscles were getting toned. Barre is perfect for anyone on-the-go and is super easy to incorporate into your busy schedule. Each class is $25, or there are all types of packages to choose from. No class is ever the same, with different music and moves each time, so exercising will never be boring again. 

2. Yoga Dogz 

Yoga Dogz Hot Hatha Yoga is a nonprofit, hot yoga studio in Reynolda Village. With a variety of options, there's a class for anyone and everyone, from beginner to advanced, sixty minutes or seventy-five minutes, and deep stretch to power flow. Each class is $17, and there are also a variety of packages and memberships to choose from, depending on your personal yoga preferences. Their sequence goes through standing, balancing, floor, and breathing poses that will help your overall flexibility, strength, and health. Whether you're in need of a break from your busy life or want to tone up your body, you will always leave feeling absolutely refreshed, not to mention sweating from head to toe. 

3. CycleBar 

CycleBar is an indoor cycling studio that recently opened downtown on Fourth Street. A much needed addition to our city, CycleBar offers forty-five minute classes for $22, or various packages for every type of cycler. With high-energy music and motivational instructors, CycleBar will make you want to keep moving. The studio uses "CycleStats" to track your performance, measuring heart rate, calories, power, RPM, and more. These stats are stored in their system, so that each time you ride, you can focus on your own improvement. With the ability to see your numbers changing, it's sure to keep your motivation high. There's also the added bonus of the new Village Juice Co. location opening right next door, so you will be able to reward yourself for all that strenuous cardio!

If you feel like you've been stuck in a rut at the gym, hit up one of these three local studios. And while you're off campus, be sure to try one of these Winston-Salem foodie favorites.