It's no secret that food from the dining hall can get pretty old, especially when you're a freshman on the unlimited meal plan. As a result, college students are notorious for coming up with creative dorm meal ideas. My culinary creativity for eating outside the dining hall came when I discovered these appliances. While they might not be allowed in all dorms, they are so versatile and easy to use... if you can sneak them past your RA's! So if you're tired of eating microwaveable ramen and want to create bougie dishes instead, check out these 3 must-have appliances. 

Egg Cooker

Tessa Bellante

First on the list of dorm appliances is this little machine that might be the best $9 I've ever spent. I found my Nostalgia Mymini Egg Cooker at Walmart, but other retailers such as Amazon also sell similar models. This appliance not only makes soft, medium, and hard boiled eggs, it also makes omelets and poached eggs as well. The eggs cook in around 13 minutes or less which is perfect if you're in a hurry. I've also noticed that the hard boiled eggs made in this machine are a breeze to peel compared to cooking them normally in a pot. Plus, there is very minimal cleanup- just make sure to clean the metal base with a damp paper towel or cloth after every use to avoid damage.  It's a small size, a cute color, an affordable price, and cooks the perfect egg. That's a win, win in my book!

#Spoontip: Add a hardboiled egg to your breakfast/snack routine. Eggs are a great source of protein to keep you energized and full throughout the day.

Mini Waffle Maker

Tessa Bellante

Next up on the best dorm appliances, we have the Dash Mini Waffle Maker. This appliance is another relatively inexpensive kitchen tool that you can find at many stores like Target. It even comes in different variations, such as a pumpkin shaped edition that was released this fall. I would highly recommend this product if you ever want to enjoy a weekend brunch with friends in your dorm and make food will taste homemade. The great thing about a waffle maker is the functionality. They can be used to make panini pressed sandwiches, cookies and brownies or fresh cinnamon roll waffles. Another easy option for on-the-go students would be to use pre-made dry pancake or waffle batter that just requires you to add water.

#Spoontip: if you really want a fresh cinnamon roll but don't have an oven at your expense, pop a refrigerated cinnamon roll into your waffle maker and viola!

Electric Pot

Tessa Bellante

I recently discovered this electric pot at the beginning of the school year, and have found it incredibly useful in just the past few months. If you ever get sick of microwaveable pasta and noodles, this machine is for you. It's so easy to use, with settings that allow you to boil water and everything in between. If you're like me and grew up eating pasta multiple times a week, this dorm appliance will definitely come in handy. It's so easy to throw together a boxed mac n' cheese, or even a homemade one. The electric pot I use is the Dash 1-Liter Electric Express Hot Pot from Bed Bath and Beyond, but many variations can be found at different stores. 

I love these 3 dorm-friendly appliances. They're super affordable and the perfect size to tuck into my small dorm room. If you want to see how I use these appliances in my dorm room, click here!