Being gluten-free at BU is NOT easy. First of all you have to go through an irritating amount of work to even have access to the gluten-free pantry. Then finally when you unlimited access, everything in there is frozen or processed. It doesn’t help that most of the other stations always make gluten-infested food and your only option is whatever the gluten-free station is making. Fortunately, there are some great dining options near campus that offer great gluten-free options.

Here are some gluten-free friendly restaurants that are less than a mile away from BU:


Photo courtesy of The Taste of YUMMY blog

1. The Elephant Walk – This restaurant serves Cambodian and French cuisine that is both exotic and delicious. They offer both a gluten-free menu and a vegan menu, making it an easy place for anyone to dine.
What to order:
-B’Baw mouan: a Cambodian rice and chicken soup that will hit the spot, especially in this cold weather
-Avocat kanthor: an appetizer with a flavorful combination of tuna, avocado, lemongrass, shallot and mint along with Khmer spices and peanuts


Photo courtesy of Leaf, Life and Lens blog

2. Tavern in the Square – Affectionately known by the BU community as “TITs.” But honestly, what’s worse than craving a juicy delicious burger and being told that the burger joint your friends chose doesn’t offer gluten-free buns? Tavern in the square is the promise land where not only can you get gluten-free buns, but you can also get gluten-free pizza. Hallelujah!
What to order:
-Diablo Burger: Chipotle aioli. Enough said.
-Flourless chocolate torte: for when you’re craving a cake that didn’t come out of a box


Photo by Renée Wool

3. Paris Creperie – Gluten-free buckwheat crêpes that will leave your body asking for more and save your stomach from agony (you know what I mean my gluten-intolerant people). Paris Creperie offers every crêpe on the menu to their gluten-free customers. All you have to do is ask for buckwheat batter instead of the standard one. And to make things even better their soup of the day is usually both gluten-free and vegan.
What to order:
-Gorgonyolo: because you only live once you should give yourself the pleasure of trying this black pepper infused crêpe with chicken, Gorgonzola cheese, sautéed vegetable medley and fresh basil and arugula leaves.
-Lemon & sugar crêpe: this sweet crêpe will satisfy your sweet tooth without leaving you with a tummy ache.

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