Studying abroad is one of the greatest experiences in the world. There is nothing better than traveling around Europe with your best friends and making awesome memories. Currently, I’m studying abroad in Switzerland and I absolutely love it. This semester has been jam packed with travel, European eats and, oh yeah, some school work.

Before I left this past summer, I asked some of my older friends if they had any advice before leaving and the majority of them said to ‘bring peanut butter’. I’ve decided to expand on that list to help my future study abroad-ers for this spring semester and years to come.

BYO peanut butter.

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Contrary to belief, not all grocery stores have an aisle full of different kinds of peanut butter. Most European grocery stories have one random brand of peanut butter. If you need your Skippy or Jiff, save some extra room in your suitcase.

Kebabs are not the only option.


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You’re studying abroad, embrace the local cuisine and spend a couple more euros. Save the kebab as a last resort (or the perfect drunchie snack).

Oatmeal will become your best friend.

I’ve grown accustomed to having oatmeal for lunch if whatever we have at school isn’t appetizing. Oatmeal is filled with complex carbohydrates and can be doctored up however you like. Top your bowl of oats with a banana and a scoop of peanut butter for a filling and delicious meal.

The bread is 1368x better than American bread.


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Trust me, European bread is the I usually have an upset stomach after eating American bread, but I don’t have the same issue with European breads. Bread produced in America is so highly processed that it doesn’t have the same whole grains that its European counterpart has and therefore causes a different reaction in the stomach.

You are probably going to have to pay for water at a restaurant.

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Try asking the waiter for tap water or a carafe of water. Waiters can sometimes be picky and will force you to buy water which is typically $4-5 depending on what country you are visiting.

Wine is cheaper than water at restaurants.


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Don’t forget to indulge in a cheap glass of wine with your dinner. The waiters will always have great recommendations for a wine that pairs well with your main dish.

It’s going to be hard to stick to a healthy diet.


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I studied abroad in the land of bread and cheese, can’t get much more difficult than that.

Açai bowls and avocado toast aren’t common breakfast items.

The Acai and avocado craze hasn’t hit Europe yet, so you might have to make your own toast and smoothie bowls.

Make sure your debit/credit card has a chip.


Some small towns don’t accept credit cards that swipe, and most shops in general require cards to have chips.

European food Instagrammers are key to finding cool local restaurants.

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Check out the discover page on Instagram or search local hashtags for local foodie hot spots.

European coffee tastes better.


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Once you have European Starbucks you will never want to have American Starbucks ever again. The coffee in Europe is so rich and flavorful, it makes American coffee taste like watered-down old coffee.

Nutella is everywhere.

Crepes, waffles, breads, and croissants can all be found stuffed with Nutella. Pace yourself, or else you will be over it within the first month.

Flights are sometimes cheaper than a meal.


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You can find flights for as little as 6 Euros depending on where and when you are traveling. Always use an incognito browser to search for flights or else the prices will increase depending on how many times you look at flight prices.

Oktoberfest is a must.

Oktoberfest was like a giant frat party full of rowdy American college students studying abroad. If you are interested in meeting other Americans, the HB tent is the place to be. Make sure to get there an hour or two before doors open so you can get a table.

You can’t go to Italy without trying gelato.


Gelato is practically on every corner. Make sure to look up the best gelato places in the city you are visiting and ask the servers for the best flavor recommendations.

Breakfast usually consists of a pastry and a coffee.

You’re going to want to get used to having a small carb filled breakfast. Most people eat a quick breakfast and go off to work instead of having a leisurely breakfast of pancakes, eggs and bacon.

Always check out the local farmers market.


If you’re grocery shopping, make sure to check out the farmers market before heading to the store, the produce will usually be fresher and cheaper.

Bring your own measuring cups if you are planning on cooking.

Recipes are usually in grams instead of cups and table/teaspoons. If you don’t want to use measuring cups, you can always purchase a small kitchen scale.

Spending all your money abroad is actually socially acceptable.


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When are you ever going to have the opportunity to explore Europe again? YOLO so embrace it and replenish your bank account in the summer.

Carry extra coins with you because most public bathrooms cost money.

The public bathrooms are extremely clean and sanitary in Europe. The bathrooms are constantly cleaned by workers and therefore cost money.

Bring a reusable water bottle everywhere you go.


Switzerland has public fountains that are filled with drinking water. Many other countries have places for you to fill up a water bottle as well.

You’re going to get lost — embrace it.

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Having no phone service is a blessing and a curse. Sometimes getting lost will make for the best adventures and stories. Don’t fret, have fun and go with the flow.

Find Euro shot nights.

Take advantage of the cheap shot nights. Madrid, Florence and Heidelberg all have amazing shot bars that are cheap and fun. Ebb’s Cocktail Bar in Florence is the place to go for exotic shots, like the Nutella Banana or Apple Sombrero shot.

It’s okay to indulge and gain a few pounds abroad.


Embrace the study abroad 15.

Always ask the locals for restaurant/cafe/bar recommendations.

The locals will always point you in the direction of a good eatery. Instead of looking at guide books, check out Yelp for up to date restaurant reviews too.

Restaurants with waiters egging you on tend to have subpar food catered to the tourists.


This is important especially if you are traveling to Italy or Greece (and really any major tourist city). The waiters will try and entice you to eat at their restaurant. Chances are their food isn’t that good or even authentic.

Do a pub crawl.

Pub crawls are insanely fun, especially with a large group of friends. Make sure to do research before you go in order to find one that is worth the time and moolah.