At Spoon University, we’re obsessed with avocados. And, we’re not alone because tons of people on Twitter have tweeted about their avocado experiences for the world to enjoy. Whether it’s in Chipotle guacamole or a chocolate chip avocado cookie, we’re always down to feast on some avocado halves.

1. Your reaction after you first try an avocado

Serve guacamole at my funeral, please.

2. After you realize how expensive they are

ONE DOLLAR? AND IT’S ON SALE? No, but really… what’s the real price?

3. But you know they’re a good investment

Roommate requirements: must be as obsessed with avocados as you.

4. Because avocados have so much potential

Proof that you can eat avocado all day, errryday. 

5. Like, have you tried avocado toast?

Avocado toast is the bomb.


Why would you even try toast that doesn’t involve avocado?

7. Have you tried avocado pizza?

Eternal bliss. Also known as the moment two of your faves get combined into one.

8. Or avocado juice?

There’s also avocado bubble tea!


Yes, avocados can also be sweet.

10. And the best of all: GUACAMOLE

We know it’s extra. Sometimes you gotta splurge.

11. When you realize there’s no guac at a party

So you return to your dorm to make your own guac.

12. It’s basically why food tastes good

It’s especially great when paired with eggs.

13. They’re therapeutic

Plus, they have so many health benefits.

14. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any cons

Maybe you could try microwaving it?

15. Because finding “the one” is such a struggle

Btw, if I won the lottery, I’d spend all my money on avocados.

16. For example, they take forever to ripen

Did I mention that you could celebrate graduation with avocado truffles?

17. Or they’re no longer ripe

Sorry, I can’t make it to class. I’m going to be at a funeral for all the avocados I couldn’t eat. 

18. Or that they’re not even avocados

Avocado makes sushi delicious and definitely should be served on the side. 

19. It’s a serious problem in the avocado community

Rest in peace to my tongue.

20. But soon you’ll set this as your phone background

I forgive you, avocado.

21. And start wearing avocado clothing

Avocado is the newest runway trend.

22. Maybe you’ll even get it tattooed

Too bad there’s still no avocado emoji.

23. And you’ll use it to find your next favorite celebrity

Also, please follow me on all my social media accounts. 

24. Or who you need to cut out of your life

Ugh, the worst.

25. Or who your enemies are

I know avocado smoothies are great, but this is just problematic.

26. And the perfect place to move to

Pack your bags.