Life as a health nut and a lover of all things dessert proves difficult at times. That's where Halo Top comes in, the healthy ice cream brand that's become immensely popular in the last year. Halo Top now features 24 flavors, not including its dairy-free and seasonal offerings. With grocery aisles covered in the many flavors of this brand, the task of picking which Halo Top flavor to enjoy can be hard. I've scooped through all that goodness for you and ranked the best of the best below. 

24. Pistachio

Full disclosure: I am not the biggest fan of pistachio ice cream. That being said, Pistachio Halo Top falls at the bottom of the list for me. If this salty little nut wants to chill, it should probably just stay in its shell and not in ice cream. But for those die-hard pistachio fans, this flavor is right up your alley. 

23. Lemon Cake

You either love lemon or cringe at the thought of it. For me, this is low on the list not because of its flavor, but because it lacks that signature creamy Halo Top consistency. The Lemon Cake Halo Top flavor tastes a little gritty, if I'm being honest. Halo Top, you're still my favorite, but you missed the mark on this one. The potential is there, though.

22. Pancakes & Waffles

I don't know about you, but this very heated, very controversial pancake versus waffle debate threatened to end some of my most precious relationships. I think it's best if we keep these two vastly different delicacies separated (#teamwaffle all day though).

21. Mochi Green Tea

Like Whole Foods, Halo Top realized mochi is quickly becoming all the buzz in the food world and decided to capitalize on it. Described by some as tasting and smelling like perfume, this newer Halo Top flavor might need to take a quick exit from the already stellar lineup of flavors. 

20. Oatmeal Cookie

You know that feeling of intense dissatisfaction when you bite into an oatmeal raisin cookie thinking it's chocolate chip? The Oatmeal Cookie Halo Top flavor is pretty similar, except it's worse because there aren't even raisins to add texture or general pizzazz to this pint.

19. Rainbow Swirl

Calling all Instagram-addicts: this pretty-looking flavor is calling your name. Halo Top's Instagram called this one out as the flavor for the artsy ones, so it may be worth it to buy this pint #fortheinsta. If I'm being honest, it's otherwise mediocre. It lacks the freshness of a sorbet and the flavor of ice cream. 

18. Cookies & Cream  

Cookies n' Cream is a nationally-recognized flavor with many admirers. So when Halo Top released its take on this classic flavor, I was surprisingly disappointed. It lacks all the goodness of the cookie and all the comfort of the cream. The few sizable cookie chunks spread throughout the pint doesn't make up for its lackluster flavor.

17. Black Cherry 

This pint doesn't have that "medicine-like" taste that's found in many other cherry-flavored treats. It boasts a subtle tartness that swirls nicely between chunks of soft dark cherries. This flavor isn't for everyone, but if you're a fan of cherries this will become your new best friend.

16. Strawberry

I wasn't a fan of this flavor until recently. The Strawberry Halo Top flavor is definitely the underrated classic companion of the chocolate and vanilla flavors. However, the creamy consistency of this flavor, coupled with a subtle sweetness, converted me into a fan. 

15. Chocolate Mocha Chip

I'm a self-proclaimed coffee addict who takes anything coffee-flavored very seriously. I hoped the Chocolate Mocha Chip Halo Top flavor would contain a strong coffee taste, but this flavor didn't satisfy my espresso craving (all hail Jamoca Almond Fudge). On the other hand, if you're someone who doesn't really dig an intense coffee flavor, you'll love this guy. 

14. Chocolate Covered Banana

Chocolate and bananas make for an epic duo, it's no secret. In reality, everyone knows that chocolate-covered bananas taste pretty amazing. Sadly, in this imitation the banana flavor is extremely overpowering and more artificial-tasting than I had hoped for. Where's the chocolate flavor? You end up feeling more like you're just eating a frozen banana, kind of. 

13. Red Velvet

I'm not the biggest fan of red velvet. When Halo Top announced this new flavor back in 2016, I was slightly skeptical. However, it's really not bad (but it doesn't hold a candle to my ultimate favorite flavor). This flavor exceeded my extremely low expectations. But, for all those red velvet fanatics, this flavor proves perfect for curbing those cravings.

12. Cinnamon Roll 

If you're trying to combine your love of breakfast and dessert, specifically ice cream, this flavor is for you. This flavor consists of cinnamon and brown sugar swirled together with real cinnamon rolls chunks and a vanilla glaze. Sign me up. 

11. Chocolate  

I'm sure everyone was wondering who would win in the long-fought battle between chocolate and vanilla bean. Halo Top's chocolate flavor is a really great low-calorie, low-sugar substitute for the real thing. The ingredients lacking in this pint would probably bump the calorie count up by a couple hundred, so I'll take the less satisfying taste for the more satisfying feeling.

10. Vanilla Bean 

So close it's almost a tie, Vanilla Bean Halo Top just barely comes out on top solely because of how great it tastes with mix-ins. But be careful with what you choose to add to this healthy twist on a classic because you risk making it just as unhealthy as the OG.

9. Chocolate Almond Crunch

Though the chocolatey taste isn't all that exciting here, the chunks of almond sprinkled throughout add some much needed crunch to the Halo Top flavor lineup.  

8. Peanut Butter Cup

Though this picture looks really appetizing, I was hoping for a more striking peanut butter flavor with this one. What if all those Reese's were actually inside the pint? But I gotta admit, I'm a peanut butter addict, so this is a definite go-to as a healthier alternative to my more indulgent PB cravings.

7. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 

To truly appreciate this one, don't go into it with expectations. If you're looking for your typical huge chunks of chocolate chips and cookie dough, you'll be disappointed. Instead, take a minute to close your eyes and indulge in this healthier alternative with just enough cookie dough chunks to satisfy your cravings.

6. Sea Salt Caramel

I'm a big proponent of anything that supports the sweet and salty mixture trend. Especially savory options like this that don't break the calorie bank. You can really taste the caramel in each bite, so you won't even notice the lack of mix-ins in this top ten flavor. 

5. Caramel Macchiato

Highly praised as one of the best of the newer Halo Top flavors, this clever concoction swirls caramel into a coffee ice cream base to produce a sweet and savory flavor all its own. Where many of the brand's over-the-top mixtures fall short, this wonderful flavor shines through.

4. Mint Chip

This simple classic is a welcome respite from the sometimes overwhelming jumble of crazy Halo Top flavors. Mix it with rainbow sprinkles or chocolate shavings to add some depth, or eat it plain if you're feeling minty fresh. 

3. S'mores 

Curling up by the fire with my pint of S'mores Halo Top and a heaping pile of homework is my favorite way to end a day. The best part? There's plenty of graham cracker crunch to go around in the pint, so you can even share this one with friends.

2. Candy Bar

Hands down the best new flavor in Halo Top's repertoire, this knockout pint is even better than a Snickers bar because it lasts at least a few minutes longer. Hungry? Eat a pint of Candy Bar Halo Top. 

1. Birthday Cake

I know, the suspense was killing you. Coming in at the top of all Halo Top flavors is the Birthday Cake flavor. It's a flavor that holds a spot near and dear to my heart. Back in 2015, my sister brought home this flavor, curious to try out this newer concept of healthier ice cream. After just one bite (okay, maybe the entire pint plus a trip to the nearest store to buy another), we were hooked.

Since that first experience with Halo Top, specifically the Birthday Cake flavor, I watched this brand grow into a national  phenomenon, and rightly so. Halo Top is truly changing the dessert game with its innovative takes on beloved flavor combinations. Take it from a healthy dessert junkie like me, any one of these 24 flavors is worth a try (though I don't recommend eating nothing but Halo Top for five days straight like one Spoon writer did).