Spoon is full of so many talented people– writers, graphic designers, videographers, and of course, photographers. This talent isn’t just limited to Spoon, though– they are also all-stars on Instagram. Check out these amazing Foodstagrams managed by members of our amazing team over at Spoon.

#SpoonTip: The official Spoon University Instagram is also definitely worth a follow.

1. toastedtable: Brittany Arnett (Georgetown)


Photo by Brittany Arnett

When Georgetown student Brittany Arnett isn’t writing inspiring articles like this one on the dangers of calorie counting, she’s taking AMAZING photos, a lot of which appear on her Instagram. This pic from National Grilled Cheese Day really speaks to us.

2. hungrygirl325: Hana Branigan (UC Davis)


Photo by Hana Brannigan

One of the more successful instas on this list with 12.2k followers, Hana Branigan of UC Davis mixes delicious food with inspiring posts about healthy body images. The account is definitely worth a follow, and her article on the keto diet is also worth a read.

3. donuts_and_mimosas: Sarah Sheer (University of Southern California)


Photo by Sarah Sheer

Who doesn’t like donuts and mimosas?? Sarah Sheer of USC highlights delicious versions of these two cuisine and more on her food instagram. I mean, yum.

4. fatpplproblems: Gabrielle Levitt (Vanderbilt)


Photo by Gabrielle Levitt

The most prolific account on this list with over 50,000 followers (btw, goals), Gabrielle Levitt’s insta is literally drool-worthy, and every pic will make you want to die in a bowl of cheese/frosting/any indulgent medium of your choice. Also check out her piece on the classic Kayla Itsines workout, found here.

5. foodiefirststudentlater: Helena Lin (McGill)


Photo by Helena Lin

The name of this account resonates with pretty much everyone (food>school, no question), and the account itself is also something everyone can relate to. Helena Lin of McGill has been tearin’ it up in Shanghai for the past couple of weeks, where the amazing above photo was taken and where she penned a great article about the city’s budding coffee scene.

6. badluckbea: Ria Beatrice Clemente (FIT)


Photo by Ria Beatrice Clemente

Equal parts food blog and lifestyle blog, this Fashion Institute of Technology student’s insta is enough to make anyone aspire to her classy and fun lifestyle. If you want to try to be as cool as her, you can try your hand at her Manhattan donut crawl how-to, found here.

7. lifefoodblog: Kelly Moore (McGill)


Photo by Kelly Moore

How amazing and summery do these tacos look? Kelly Moore captures her own recipes as well as places she eats out at on her Instagram, which is a great follow, especially for foodies in the Montreal area. She also writes amazing pieces over at Spoon, like this one which highlights some chocolate chip cookie dough recipes.

8. hostingbrunch: Addy Cummings and Hanna Lundgren (American University)


Photo by Addy Cummings and Hanna Lundgren

This up-and-coming collection of photos curated by Spoon AU writers Hanna and Addy branches out from traditional food blogs and focuses instead on beautiful setups and presentations for brunch food.

9. dceatings: Jordan Miller (American University)


Photo by Jordan Miller

This account keeps it classy with original recipes supplemented by great pics of DC-area eats. If you wanna try your hand at some of Jordan’s recipes for yourself, you can try her recipe for salt and vinegar chickpeas.

10. approachingpaleo: Nancy Chen (Northeastern)


Photo by Nancy Chen

This Spoon Northeastern powerhouse writer’s insta is definitely on par with her amazing writing skills. If you want to check out more of the latter, you can read her article on how running can make you happier, found here.

11. sweetlifeoflaurengrace: Lauren Grace Vivian (American University)


Photo by Lauren Grace Vivian

This Spoon AU member’s blog is true to its name– every pic is super sweet. This blog showcases some cool restaurants in the DC area, which seems like a fruitful foodie destination.

12. fabilousfood: Fabiana Stefan (Texas Christian)


Photo by Fabiana Stefan

This cute blog showcases the best food that Texas has to offer.

13. DCNomster: Alex Vu (Maryland University)


Photo by Alex Vu

For more delish eats like this pizza, check out Spoon UMD writer Alex Vu’s food insta which will make you hungry before you’re even three pictures in. For more MD food inspiration, check out Alex and his fellow Spoon UMD writer’s unofficial ranking of College Park sushi.

14. realsemple: Bobbie Semple (American University)


Photo by Bobbie Semple

Rarely does a photo ever tempt me to eat a salad– I’m more of a donuts and potatoes kinda girl. The fact that this AU writer’s blog made this happen is a testament to how good it is.

15. thefoodiegodmother: Courtney Susskind (U Miami)


Photo by Courtney Susskind

Anyone else here a sucker for avo toast? You can find that and more over at this Spoon Miami member’s account.

16. theeeatingpineapple: Steven Baboun (American University)


Photo by Steven Baboun

Check out this colourful and casual account managed by Spoon AU (seriously, that school churns out the instas like crazy) co-founder and social media manager Steven Baboun. For more of Spoon AU’s amazing food photography, check out Baboun’s roundup of Spoon AU photos that are hotter than J.Beibs.

17. foodfriendzy: Vanessa Sorrentino (Georgetown)


Photo by Vanessa Sorrentino

For more delicious pics like this incredible-looking french toast, check out Vanessa Sorrentino’s foodstagram foodfriendzy (bonus points for the punny name). While you’re at it, check out Vanessa’s article onwhat foods to get your roommate to make you when you’re sick.

18. twohungryfriends: Caitlin Lazarus (FSU)


Photo by Caitlin Lazarus

This account is chockfull of of vibrant, healthy concoctions like this one.

21. bergmannbites: Peter Bergmann (University of Southern California)


Photo by Peter Bergmann

Sorry not sorry about the amount of avo toast that has appeared on this list… In any case, Peter from USC’s account does this amazing food the justice it deserves.

20. live.and.let.eat: Alyssa Perkins (Emerson)


Photo by Alyssa Perkins

This is a newer account, but it has some serious potential— just look at this gorgeous smoothie bowl. Any HP nerds like me can check out Alyssa’s quiz on what Hogwarts house you belong to based on your food choices.

21. katessweets: Katherine O’Malley (Hamilton)


Photo by Katherine O’Malley

What’s great about this insta is that it features all home-baked meals like this super delicious-looking lemon cake. After looking through her photos, I sorta want Kate to be my personal chef, not gonna lie.

22. eatsbyjulia: Julia Kohl (U Miami)


Photo by Julia Kohl

LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL SUSHI SPREAD. Ahhhhhh. Check out Julia’s roundup of healthy food swaps if sushi only accounts for 3 out of your 4 daily meals.

23. chopstiseur: Joyce Xu (FIT)


Photo by Joyce Xu

Anyone know what this is? FIT writer Joyce Xu admits that she doesn’t even know what exactly the subject of the photo she took is. For more unique treats, check out this account.

24. mari_n_nads: Nadia Doris (UC Davis)


Photo by Nadia Doris

Two words: TOAST. GOALS. Nadia also kills it over at Spoon Davis, where she wrote this killer article on growing up in a greek kitchen.

25. eatwithami: AmiLin McClure (NYU)


Photo by AmiLin McClure

Again, I don’t exactly know what these are, but I kinda want to know. They look amazing, just like AmiLin’s insta.

26. thetalkingtummy: Katie Cruz (U Miami)


Photo by Katie Cruz

If my tummy could talk, it would be telling me to eat everything on this Miami writer’s instagram. Also check out Katie’s breakdown of a hilarious video that uses food to explain the differences between porn and real sex.

27. happyhealthyhungry: Ellie Bernstein (SUNY Binghamton)


Photo by Andrea Jacobs

Yes, I’d like this breakfast every morning from now until forever, pretty please.

28. thecleanspoon: Eileen Wang (UC Berkeley)


Photo by Eileen Wang

Rainbow food fans and haters alike will enjoy Berkeley writer Eileen Wang’s lovely insta, as well as her article on self-serve boba.

29. masalagirltravels: Priya (Miami University of Ohio)


Photo by Priya

I love this eclectic instagram account full of homemade dinners and international cuisines. Priya focuses on healthy eats both on her instagram and in her article on untruthful greek yogurt labels.

30. twentyandhungry: KJ Carlstrom (Northeastern)


Photo by KJ Carlstrom

Are you twenty? Are you hungry? If you answered either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to either of those questions, you should check out this yummy insta.

31. jocelyneats: Jocelyn Hsu (UC Berkeley)


Photo by Jocelyn Hsu

BRB, tryna get my hands on this sandwich, like, yesterday. Jocelyn’s reaction piece on the White Girl Food Truck is also worth a look.

32. buff_food: Elissa Baum (American University)


Photo by Elissa Baum

Anyone in the Buffalo area (and all food-lovers in general, really) should hit up Spoon AU writer Elissa Baum’s account showcasing the best food this New York border city has to offer.

33. lovinthefood: Kyla Dodsworth (St. Mary’s)


Photo by Alexa Gambero

OMG, how beautiful is this spread? For more of this content, check out this insta co-run by Spoon St. Mary’s writer Kyla Dodsworth.

35. it_takes_2_to_mango: Charlotte Close and Caroline Bowman (U Michigan)


Photo by Charlotte Close and Caroline Bowman

What is a good insta without a great food pun in the name? These two chicks from Spoon U Mich got that sh*t down pat.

36. balanced_beaming: Kim Chook (Boston College)



Photo by Kim Chook

Last but not least is this refreshing, beautifully-laid out insta by Kim Chook of BC. Seriously, this account is like a personal life coach.