Any viewer of Bob’s Burgers is familiar with the hilarious members of the Belcher family. Bob may have a handle on burger puns and toilet turkeys, but when it comes to the real star of the kitchen, Linda takes the cake.

And chances are, if you’re as much of a lover of alcohol and ridiculousness, you have your own inner Linda waiting to dance her way out. Here are a few ways to know if you exude Linda Belcher:

1. Any recipe begins with a corkscrew and a bottle of pinot.

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Don’t lie, you’d triple fist if you had three hands.

2. You always have kitchen essentials on hand.

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3. Dessert is acceptable at any meal.

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And it’s not even my birthday…

4. But you believe firmly in portion control.

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Fact: Bite sized foods are negligible calories.

5. Sharing is caring when it comes to food.

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No double dips.

6. But you hate when people steal your stuff.

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Roommates, can’t live with them… yeah.

7. You’re a classy, sassy individual with a refined palate.

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“The red pairs nicely with the white.” – Bob Belcher

8. And you give the best cooking tips.

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Words to live by.

9. Entertaining guests comes as second nature.

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The hostess with the mostess!

10. Your kitchen is always spotless.

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You probably only cook for people so you don’t have to clean up anyway, right?

11. You have a secret hangover remedy that doesn’t actually work.

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Nobody wants your damn coconut water. Put it away.

12. But of course there are other ways to get rid of hangovers.

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13. You push your food on other people.

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This thing I just made? Eat it. All of it.

14. And you always ask for their opinion.

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I know I could be on chopped, I just want to hear it from you.

15. You believe in aphrodisiacs.

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Are you not turned on by melting cheese? Hmm.

16. And you’re a pro at cooking for two.

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Mainly you make double portions for yourself but…

17. You use local ingredients when available.

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Saving the planet, alriiiiight!

18. You fantasize about owning your own restaurant.

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If only you could make real people food.

19. Although you hate cooking for long periods of time.

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If it takes longer than 30 minutes it’s going in a crock pot.

20. You have a happy dance. In fact, you always dance when you’re cooking.

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Bring it around town.

21. You’re great at using up leftovers.

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Mainly you’re just broke.

22. But above all, you just like having fun in the kitchen.

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Linda, you keep us young!