As night crawlers of the ratchet streets of Oakland, we have established a familiarity of our favorite places to fulfill late night and hangover cravings. From Quick Zone to Pizza Romano to Peter’s and Hem’s alike, we know you can get what you need.

With that being said, we all feel the struggle and have to turn to our roommates when we need our food questions answered. Here’s a list of 22 food-related questions we know you’ve asked time and time again—and will probably still ask after reading this.

1. Sorrento’s or Antoon’s?

2. When does Quick Zone close?

3. Why isn’t Pam’s open 24 hours?

4. Where can you use dining dollars on the weekends?

roommate questions

Photo by Rachel Berkowitz

5. When’s Market Thanksgiving?

6. Union or Cathedral?

7. Is Pasta Plus open on the weekends?

8. Does the Perch even do Thanksgiving?

roommate questions

Photo by Rachel Berkowitz

9. What even is the Perch?

10. What holiday meals does Market cover?

11. Why isn’t there a chicken nugget bar at Market?

roommate questions

Photo by Sabina Tilevitz

12. Is Asia Tea House open on Sundays?

13. What’s at Conflict Kitchen right now?

14. Should we flex to Qdoba for some late-night queso, post Hillman?

15. Should we turnup for some brunch at The Yard?

roommate questions

Photo by Tarika Narain

16. Do we get our fix from Szechuan or Oishii Bento?

17. Why isn’t there stir fry on the weekends?

18. Where can I get coffee on campus this late at night?

roommate questions

Photo by Nicolle Luftman

19. Is Papa D’s worth crossing the boulevard?

20. If you eat a whole Sorrento’s pizza blacked out, do you still add it to MyFitnessPal?

21. Wanna do late night Fuel?

22. Is this pizza still okay to eat?

roommate questions

Photo by Abby Wang