Our childhood was amazing. We lived in a time of artificial food coloring, preservatives, sugar on sugar, and who knows what else. Our food was fun and colorful and it was a great time to be a kid.

We weren’t eating granola bars and fresh fruit as a snack. We had soda, candy, chips, a nice helping of corn syrup, and were blissfully unaware of how unhealthy we were. Here are some of the most insane things we ate growing up that have sadly have been discontinued.

1. Melody Pops


Photo courtesy of thesweetclub.co.uk

We use to love these things; even though, you really could never make a beat or even keep a tune. However, they were really good for one strong blow.

2. Fruitopia


Photo courtesy of y107.com

Still wondering why they got rid of this sugary goodness. Plus, they had mad delicious ass flavors.

3. Sprite Remix


Photo courtesy of hiebing.com

What is there to say? These were everything. Now, if you want anything close to this, you have to drop some Skittles in your Sprite.

4. EZ Squirt Color Ketchup


Photo courtesy of fastcompany.com

Hands down, these are probably the ugliest early 2000’s creations. Why did they think we wanted green ketchup? Come on, we were kids, but we still had standards.

5. Wonder Ball


Photo courtesy of the-foods-we-loved.wikia.com

These were always a nice treat to look forward to in the grocery store line after your mom finished her shopping. You deserved it. You didn’t ask to be dragged around the entire supermarket for an hour. Your shows were on.

6. Pepsi Blue


Photo courtesy of pixgood.com

Pepsi can’t get too many things right; sorry, bias to Coca- Cola. However, Pepsi Blue was the best thing they have ever created. Plus, it made your tongue blue. Anything that colored our tongue was a great product in our eyes.

7. Dunkaroos


Photo courtesy of manrepeller.com

Cringes. Why did they get rid of the Dunkaroos? It was a quintessential snack and had sprinkles. It had sprinkles…in every dunk.

8. Hi-C Ecto Cooler


Photo courtesy of ghostbusters.wikia.com

These were nothing short of delicious. It was tangy but still so sweet. It had Vitamin-C so you could ignore the 31 grams of sugar. Clearly, this worked well enough for our parents to still get it for us.

9. Chocolate Vanilla Creme Poptarts


Photo courtesy of amazon.com

These made a brief comeback for the 50th anniversary of Pop-Tarts, but sadly have gone back into hiding. Until next time.

10. Squeeze-its


Photo courtesy of fanpop.com

Why were these so good? They had the best flavors. You really did try to squeeze it 100%, but there was always that little drop that just wouldn’t come out.

11. Sour Altoids


Photo courtesy of tumblr.com

Regular Altoids were disgusting and, frankly, reminded you too much of your grandma, but these babies were like kid candy crack.

12. Skittles Gum


Photo courtesy of userealbutter.com

Granted, you only got three minutes of flavor from them, but those three minutes were amazing. The whole box would be gone by the end of the day.

13. Doritos 3D


Photo courtesy of 247sports.com

First off, those containers were nothing short of great and very practical for our on-the-go lifestyle. Second, why did they get rid of these?

14. JELL-O Pudding Pops


Photo courtesy of x-entertainment.com

Oh, glorious pudding pops, where art thou? Refrains from inserting Bill Cosby reference… Yikes.

15. Super Size Me


Photo courtesy of juantadeo.wordpres.com

So we can no longer Super Size. It’s unfortunate—tragic, actually. Super Size fries were an entire meal on their own, which was part of the problem. WHY, AMERICA?!

16. Dannon Sprinkl’ins


Photo courtesy of complex.com

The only way you could get kids to eat yogurt back then—add food coloring and definitely add sprinkles.

17. Shark Bites


Photo courtesy of discontinuedfoods.com

They were before Gushers and better than Welch’s. R.I.P to our favorite sharks.

18. Ouch! Bubble Gum


Photo courtesy of anos70e80blogpaulafagundes.blogspot.com

These were so fun. They tasted like chalk, but the packaging was enough for us to keep on chewin’.

19. Hubba Bubba Squeeze Pops


Photo courtesy of candywarehouse.com

Diabetes in a squeeze bottle. We don’t know why they were so addicting, but boy were they so good and gooey.

20. Oreo O’s


Photo courtesy of seriouseats.com

Unfortunately, they didn’t quite make it in the US, but China is enjoying them… a lot. Try not to be jealous.

21. Lollipop Paintshop


Photo courtesy of pixgood.com

Remember these? You’d dip your lollipop paint brush into the flavored sugar? We don’t know anyone that ever actually finished the whole thing, but if you did, you’re the real MVP.

After all of these sugary snacks, we know you’re reaching out for water and wondering how you’re alive after eating all that junk.

It’s probably best for the health of future kids that most of the stuff we ate is off the market. We were the junk food generation and what a glorious time it was. At least we’ll always have that title.

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