Okay, here’s the deal. When it comes down to it, boyfriends are just really annoying. They smell, they’re really bad at remembering the important anniversaries, and you can’t drown them in syrup.

Oh, but wait, perhaps you can…

This Valentines Day, redirect your secret admirer notes to that cute pancake over there. Yes, you heard me. Don’t believe me? Here are 21 reasons why that pancake could be the best boyfriend you never expected.

1. They’ll come to your family Thanksgiving dinner.


Photo courtesy of domesticate-me.com

When everyone goes around the table and says what they’re thankful for, pancake boyfriend probably says his amazing girlfriend. Chills, I know.

2. And then they’ll keep you on track with that God awful diet.


Photo courtesy of rufflesandtruffles.com

Need someone to be there for that extra motivation post thanksgiving food coma? Well, look no further. Pancake boyfriend can transform into a delicious combination of zucchini and tomatoes to make you stick to your goal. Even these pancakes make a diet sound hecka swag to me.

3. But they understand a little cheat day every now and then…


Photo by Lucy Rubin

There’s a reason these are the called The Most Absurd Pancakes. Ever. Pancake boyfriend understands when you need to put on your fat pants and indulge in a little sweet treat. Whether it be because it’s that time of the month, or just to celebrate a lazy sunday, this boyfriend always looks at you like you the hottest shawty.

4. They’re always down for happy hour.


Photo by Phoebe Melnick

After a long day in the lib, these pancakes like to kick back too sometimes. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, amiright?

5. They’ll bring you breakfast.


Photo by Kristen Eisenhauer

…did someone say Cinnabon pancakes?

6. And lunch too…


Photo courtesy of breadetbutter.com

Pancakes officially beat sliced bread right here. That’s the real deal.

7. And what’s a true boyfriend without a little classy dinner every now and then?


Photo courtesy of Niall Kennedy

They love to spoil you for a night out on the town. Oh no, pancake boyfriend does not skimp out on the classy stuff for his lady.

8. But they’re always down for a Netflix and pizza night too.


Photo courtesy of noblepig.com

Yes, these are pizza pancakes. You read that right.

9. They even love to splurge for that dessert course.


Photo by Gaby Scelzo

Did someone say dessert? Oh pancake boyfriend, you spoil me.

10. They like bacon.


Photo by Kawther Albader

honestly this could be reasons #1-21. You’ll wake up to that crispy, delicious smell every saturday morning when pancake boyfriend is fryin up some breakfast in bed for you. Oh yeah, he’s the one.

11. They can pull off the “effortlessly messy” look like it’s nobody’s business.


Photo courtesy of www.howsweeteats.com

look how flawlessly these coconut pancakes rock the casual coconut drizzled look. Brava, brava.

12. You don’t have to worry about what they’re wearing because they look flawless in every color.


Photo by Lauren Kaplan

Clashing in pics? No worries. Pancake boyfriend’s outfits are always on fleek.

13. Honestly, bae looks good without even trying.


Photo by Leigh Needham

I’ll trade in a nice Jewish boy for these bad boys any day.

14. They’ll roast marshmallows with you over a romantic fire.


Photo by Phoebe Melnick

They’ll probably wrap you in their sweatshirt too to keep you extra toasty.

15. They look fetch in all shapes…


Photo courtesy of Nathan Shields

No form a pancake can’t rock.

…and sizes


Photo courtesy of Today in Micro-Cooking by Kristina Kim

Mini-pancake boyfriend looks cute even when he’s shorter than you.

16. They can even look classy AF.


Photo courtesy of pastryaffair.com

They can turn mega hipster and put together when you need him to. No complaints.

17. This pancake says, “Hey, girl.” even when he’s with his friends.


Photo courtesy of knowyourmeme.com

One look into pancake Gosling’s eyes and you know he gotchu. He won’t ever ignore you for anyone else.

18. This pancake lets you have the power.


Photo courtesy of sapiancakes.com

Pancake boyfriend is all for women’s rights, and he won’t ever stand in your way.

19. This one will always ask if it’s too late now to say sorry.


Photo courtesy of Oddity Central

And will always ask what you mean when he’s confused. He’s all for honesty.

20. This pancake can even make current events fun


Photo courtesy of Oddity Central

Go on, pancake boyfriend, tell me all about our country. You make it sound so delicious and interesting.

21. They also just literally look like this.


Photo by Arden Sarner

Commence salivation.

Moral of the story: choose pancakes, spooners. You can always count on them to be there in the morning. *mic drop*