Ohh dogs, a man's best friend, but an even better friend to food. Nothing brings more joy to a dog's simple world than the succulent taste of a cheeseburger or the summer time sweetness of cold ice cream. These 21 pictures prove that dogs love to eat and nothing gets in between them and their beloved food—one of the many simple pleasure they share with humans—and who can blame 'em?

1. This Tail Waggin' Wedge-Lover

My tail is a waggin' just from looking at that savory wedge! Wedges are shaped they way they are because they look like the smiles they bring. 😊

2. This Tail Waggin' Wedge-Lover

When your eyes are bigger than your stomach, but you don't care because you've already made time in your schedule for a food coma and possibly a funeral from feasting.

3. This Doggy Going Bananas

This dog does not give one F that the peel is still on, he is tired of being told to heal. Keep on willin' you bad boy.

4. This Poised Pooch

This dog is classier than any real housewife I've seen. You won't see him throwing a drink or flipping a table, just scarfing down that filet and heading to valet. #Class&Ass

5. A Cute Frenchie Enjoying a Slice of Heaven 

Nothing cures the dog days of summer like a succulent suckle on a slice of watermelon. Juicy, delicious, and oh so sweet!

6. This Dog Who Knows There Is Always One More Lick

That last drop is in there, I know you can get it! YOU GOTTA WORK BITCH.

7. This Penne-Loving Pup

I would never be that patient waiting for penne or any type of pipping hot pasta. Props to this pup!

8. This Fruity Fido

That is the exact face I have when making eye contact while eating a banana. (I used the assistance of Gwen Stefani to spell banana.)

9. This Party-Lovin' Pom

"It's my party and I'll shove my face and thighs with cake if I want to, suck it Debra!"

10. This Canine Keeping Cool

Cool, calm, and full of ice cream! He is living every dog's (and human's) DREAM.

11. This Tomato Holdin' Hound

To give the illusion of smoking, Enrique held a tomato in his mouth at all times. The plan worked until someone tried to light it. 🔥

12. This Lip Licking-Lover

Only the decadence of a frozen treat can bring such a dreamy, euphoric look to one's eyes and soul.

13. This Weiner-Gobbling Weiner

Every one feels like a winner when they are scarfing down a juicy weiner. Whether it makes you famous or just full, you do you, you adorable little dachshund.

14. Suns Out, Tongues Out

Keep those tongues a lickin', lips a smackin', and boys a cryin'. Slay all day, e'ry day.

15. This Happy Birthday Boy

Nothing is more beautiful than a deserving pup enjoying endless licks of ice cream on his birthday! Keep dreaming big! *wipes tear*

16. This Determined Dog

Pretty FRY for a white guy. At least he FRIED his best. I believe I can FRY. Ok I'll stop there. SIKE, FRY ME A RIVER.

17. This Fashionable Foodie

10/10 would rock this look to prom. Then maybe I would be able to stop having to bring my dad, just a thought.

18. This King Being Treated Like Royalty

When your friend pushes you try a new flavor that you shit on all the time and it's better than you expected.

19. This Hungry Poolside Pup

Teeth out, cheeks out, and IDGAF cuz I'm juicy as hell like a watermelon. Wet and wild my child.

20. This Munchin' Mutt


21. This Excited Party Animal

"We are going to need a bigger mouth for this one," is the exact though I have shamelessly at every meal. 

It's hard to imagine a world without dogs or food, and it seems that they can say the same. I mean who doesn't enjoy the savory taste of anything with cheese or the mouth watering sensation of a pipping hot slice of pizza? So keep treating your dog to the tastiest of treats and they may start calling you their best friend!