Bon Appétit is a magazine that focuses on food — whether that includes restaurants, recipes or general food knowledge. They have a print magazine readers can subscribe to, but they also have a pretty bomb website that features a lot of content. And speaking of bomb content, their Twitter page is on point. These tweets are some of Bon Appétit’s greatest work.

1. When they challenged your football knowledge

The Super Bowl isn’t just for football; many times Super Bowl snacks and commercials reign supreme.

2. When they ditched you for tacos

Tbh, I don’t blame them. Tacos are fab, like in this recipe.

3. When they were sarcastic

Somehow this “accidentally” happens to me fairly often.

4. When they challenged your food processor

A tweet that’s also incredibly useful. You can also check out these ways to use your food processor for future reference.

5. When they channeled their inner Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford

Any tweet referencing Parks and Rec is a good tweet.

6. When they drooled over a sauce

The best part? It’s not a generic BBQ sauce.

7. When they truly cared about health

You know, sometimes it’s okay to value comfort over health.

8. When they were punny

The funniest tweets are the punniest tweets.

9. When they referenced Mean Girls

Because Mean Girls can relate to anything (especially while in college).

10. When they redefined the cupcake

Cupcake, muffin… they’re all the same.

11. When they risked their french fries

They just went all in.

12. When they just plain insulted you

I’m surprised they didn’t use #sorrynotsorry.

13. When they got a little weird

But we’ll admit that we have thought about bathing in sauces, like with this white wine lemon butter sauce.

14. When they questioned your life choices

Cheese over everything.

15. When they wooed you with statistics

Statistics that are completely accurate, of course.

16. When they were clever

Toast is good, but is it better than French toast?

17. When they got emotional (about pie)

It’s not the first time this has happened.

18. When they referenced the legendary SNL skit

Because most people like cake more than cowbell, anyway.

19. When they were slightly condescending

Just because the general public isn’t an editor for a food magazine doesn’t mean we can’t make fried eggs (I think).

20. When they tried to be like Queen Bey

It was a good effort.

21. And finally, when they enjoyed hot sauce as much as you do

You can use that hot sauce in your mac ‘n cheese, too.