The internet loves a good meme—tbh they are the best part. Some of the funniest memes are of our favorite chefs from cooking shows. Guy Fieri could have an entire meme archive by now. But until we are #blessed enough to have a Guy Fieri meme archive, these cooking show memes will have to suffice.

1. Anytime We Saw Guy Fieri’s Hair

The Guy Fieri’s of the world are multiplying at an alarming rate and I’m a little terrified.

2. When We Wanted to Say How We Feel About Mayo

A powerful force indeed.

3. When Store-Bought Wasn’t Fine

I’m not sure Ina Garten has ever used anything store-bought.

4. When the Zodiac Explained Everything

Good luck to all of the Sagittariuses who get to go to flavor town.

5. That Time We Had an Existential Crisis

At this point, it’s an honor to be screamed at by Gordon Ramsay.

6. When We Forgot That Guy Fieri is a Treasure

You can never unsee baby Fieri.

7. Every Time We Needed a Date

Paula Deen is gonna slide into your DMs on a stick of butter.

8. When We Finally Got Used to Fieri Memes

My day is not complete if I haven’t seen a visually confusing Guy Fieri meme.

9. When We Forgot to Add E.V.O.O.

No matter what it is, Rachael Ray thinks it needs a little e.v.o.o.

10. When We Finally Found the Truth

Conspiracy confirmed.

11. When Someone Served Us Poorly Cooked Pasta

Why are people still serving him bad pasta and raw red onions?

12. When We Needed a Little Motivation

He inspires all of us to do better.

13. That Time It Was LIT

Everywhere Guy Fieri goes is LIT.

14. When the Bartender Didn’t Give You “Two Shots”

We might need to have a talk about portion control.

15. When We Were 100% Done With Elections

What if Guy Fieri ran for president?

16. When We Thought Guy Fieri Stopped Multiplying

Too many Fieris in the kitchen.

17. When We Wanted to Make A Pun

If I heard this joke every day, it still would never get old.

18. Every Time We Smothered Something in Butter

Butter Y’all.” -Paula Deen, probably right now.

19. When We All Needed a Trip to Flavor Town

Everyone is welcome in Flavortown.

 20. Any Time Our Friends Didn’t Listen to Us

No one does insults like Gordon Ramsay does insults.

21. That Time We Tried to Flirt in the Kitchen

I swear that Anne Burrell only speaks in innuendos.

Go show your friends and family all of the hilarious cooking show memes they’ve been missing out on. Because everyone deserves a trip to flavor town.


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