So you just turned the big 21! Congrats for making it this far in life and still being down to hit the bars. You’re twenty one and it’s time to have some (twenty) FUN. Plz drink responsibly, you’re older and wiser now so act like it.

That being said…


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Bar 1. Taylor’s (duh)

Drink #1: AMF. Tay’s signature cocktail coming at ya live. There’s literally no better way to start your 21 run than with the drink your older friends wont stop talking about. Will it live up to the hype!?

Drink #2: Rocket Pop shot in honor of the red white and blue

Drink #3: Tic Tac shot. There’s Redbull in there so you’ll be amped and ready to rage.

Drink #4: Drink the beer…Drink the beer!


Photo by Michael Fajardo

Drink #5: Dragon Fly shot. The insect itself grosses me out but this drink sure doesn’t.

Drink #6-8: Hit or Miss. Full disclosure this will mess with your head but it’s too fun not to. Basically you take 5 shots back to back but plot twist…3 are water and 3 are vodka. Let the mind-f*****g begin.

Drink #9: Blowjob shot (at your own risk) but hey it’s a birthday classic!

Bar 2. Webfoot

Drink #10: Lemon drop round 2!

Drink #11: Chug a full glass of water because we have a ways to go

Drink #12: Mariota Punch. Similar to an AMF in the way that it contains every conceivable alcohol. You have to do it because Mariota is bae.


Photo by Judy Holtz

Drink #13: Webfoot Punch

Drink #14: Te-kill-ya shot cus it’s your birthday and you must.

Drink #15: Water. You know you need it.

Bar 3. Max’s


Photo by Judy Holtz

Time to sing Sweet Caroline at the top of your lungs and stuff your face with popcorn and peanuts.

Drink #16: Starburst shot. Tastes exactly how you think it will.

Drink #17: The classic Vodka Redbull cuz lets be honest you’ll need some energy.

Drink #18: Lemon drop because pretending to be classy is fun.

Drink #19: BEEEEER

Drink #20: Tequila round dos

Drink #21: Have the bartender surprise you, trust me you’ll be happy.

CONGRATS! You made it and I couldn’t be prouder. Order pizza to keep the party rolling and drink like a gallon of water. You’ll thank me in the morning.

Get trashed, drink responsibly and have a dope 21er.