Angie's Boomchickapop, based out of Mankato, Minnesota, gets impressively creative with kettle corn. It's been named one of the Best New Grocery Snacks of 2017—if you haven't tried a bag, you are missing out. So stop reading this, drive to the store, and go pick one up. Got one? Good. Now sit back see if you are eating one of the top 2017 Holiday Boomchickapop Flavors.

Known for its impressive original flavors, Angie's has also begun to incorporate limited time seasonal bags. With its great slogan, "Crush it," Boomchickapop highlights its simple, whole grain, and gluten-free products as the perfect holiday snack. So next time you decide to binge watch "Elf" or "Home Alone," grab a bag of Angie's to support a local, female-owned business.

Well, I followed my own advice, turned on a long lineup of holiday movies, got my largest bowl, and sat down to try out the four fantastic limited-time holiday specialties. Here is the ultimate ranking of this year's Boomchickapop 2017 Holiday flavors.

4. White Chocolate & Peppermint

If you have a sweet tooth, don't share this bag with anyone. Peppermint bark mixed with kettle corn makes for a perfect post-holiday dinner treat but definitely stays on the sweeter side. However, one of the great things about Boomchickapop is it is only 110 calories per cup. So go ahead, grab more than two handfuls.

3. Frosted Sugar Cookie

As the most unique flavor on this list, Frosted Sugar Cookie is a contradiction in the best way possible. Let's face it, we would all love to go bake cookies right now, but between finals and holiday decorating, we just don't have the time. So skip the cookie jar and pop open an Angie's bag to basically get the same thing. We loved the kettle corn mixed perfectly with the cookie, and you will too.

2. Hot Cocoa Marshmallow 

Move over pumpkin spice lattes, because it's hot chocolate season. Taking flavor hints from another important holiday staple, you can now curl up with a bag of kettle corn and not have to wash out the mugs. And because we never leave out the marshmallows, Angie's doesn't either.

1. Dark Chocolate Drizzled Sea Salt

My top holiday pick is the perfect combination of semi-sweet kettle corn and dark chocolate drizzle with a bit of sea salt. Although the most traditional of the four flavors, neither the sweet or the salty outweigh each other, making it a crowd favorite for your next holiday movie night. A little warning though, people will fight over the pieces with the most chocolate.

So get out and support one of our own Minnesota companies this holiday season. And because giving back is such a big part of the holiday season, Boomchickapop is not just committed to high-quality products, they are constantly supporting many community programs through donations and services. Some of these community partners include: The Jeremiah Program, I Am That Girl, and Partners for Affordable Housing

So now you know about this amazing company, go check out the Bookchickapop website to see their other incredible flavors, community partners, and read about incredible women inspiring the Boomchickapop brand every day.