With it being election season and your Aunt Vicky from Vermont ferociously posting on Facebook about her favorite candidate, it's time for you to seem like you are politically caught up with the happenings come election night. 

This has become one of the most painful elections to watch in years, and while you absentmindedly switch to the news on election night to make it seem like you actually care about this outrageous and ridiculous election, here’s a drinking game to make your political night in a more tipsy night in.

1. Take a Sip When...

This is just the beginning of your drunken journey. Here, you're warming up before your blood alcohol content skyrockets throughout the night. Take your red or blue solo cup and create a delicious alcoholic concoction to sip periodically when a candidate says something very common.

We're taking it slow since this is level one. Take a sip when the candidate you support wins a state, and take two sips when the candidate you do not support wins a state. 

2. Take a Shot When...

While no particular alcohol is used for this game some preferred beverages include: Svedka, 1800 Tequila (along with some salt and lime), and classic Fireball. Don't get too drunk during this game because you have a whole night of politics ahead of you. So, fill up your favorite shot glass when these specific moments happen during the night. 

Take a Shot When...

-Battleground states go the color you want them to

-Major states turn a color (California, New York...)

-Voter percentages exceed 55-65%

-Senate seats rule towards the Democratic Party

-Hillary Clinton's speech tries to appeal to the younger voters

3. Shotgun Your Beer When...

This is only for milestones throughout the night where all you can really do is down your beer shotgun-style. Get that craft beer (because you gotta break out the nice beer on nights like this), and down it when something crazy happens on election night. If you don't know how to shotgun your beer, here's a fun instructional on how to. 

Shotgun Your Beer When... 

-Trump Wins (ha, it could maybe happen)

-Trump refuses to concede

-Trump's speech following the election results include "Crooked Hillary" 

-If Hillary Clinton wins the election by a landslide

-If Hillary Clinton tries to appeal to millennial's during her speech.

Now, I can't promise by the end of the night you'll be content, but either way you will be warm and fuzzy in the best way possible—drunk.