2014 entailed an unprecedented amount of Kardashian drama, crazy things happening with the NFL, and a less than perfect series finale to How I Met Your Mother that left devoted fans in an outrage, but we here at Spoon prefer to remember the important things.

You know, the craze over the Ramen Burger, the insane ice cream sandwiches people were coming up with during summer and the obsession with avocado toast that probably led to the impending shortage of our favorite green food.

The incredible #SpoonFeed photos we painstakingly narrowed down below reflect these delectable food trends of 2014, but were also the craziest food porn we saw all year and trust us, that is saying so many things. Get your drool bibs ready with this one and here’s to an amazing 2015!

A photo posted by Sarah Fennel (@bromabakery) on

A salted caramel landslide, the only type of landslide it’s politically correct to be okay with.

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@kosherkaufman won our hearts several times this year, but this perfect Oktoberfest pretzel was his winning photo hands down.

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Perfect composition, incredible colors…that’s Justin of @dcfoodporn for ya.

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Now we know why inauguration speeches are so inspirational.

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The bacon. The sweet potato. The sensuous yolk porn. The drizzle. It’s everything we’ve ever dreamed of.

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The Ramen Bun was a big thing this year and this shredded beef burger with arugula and secret mayo sauce pictures it perfectly.

This is hands down the most beautiful salmon we’ve seen all year. It burned such an imprint in our minds we ask every sushi place is they can serve our salmon to us in rose form.

Since Taylor Swift’s year was so great it was only appropriate that a pie with her lyrics would receive the same recognition.

If 2015 means more egg dishes drizzled with delicious looking sauces, we’re in.

A photo posted by Oscar (@jumpinsalmon) on

Goodbye David Letterman, we’ll miss ya.

We wish we were as creative a cook as @indulgenteats. This breakfast cheese cornbread nacho waffle with slow cooker turkey chili is just one example of how cool her food is.

Dominique Ansel released his cronut recipe to the masses, but few were brave enough to try. Clearly, Arjiel was up to the challenge, because these homemade blueberry yogurt cream cronuts are gorgeous.

Up close and personal with this ice cream and Molly Tavoletti’s incredible photography skills.

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Food in the Air and bagel sandwiches were two huge obsessions of 2014, and rightfully so.

Skyler of @nycdining is an inspiration to us all and this overloaded grilled cheese is just one reason why.

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Adorable dog, delectable pastry, nutella…this picture encompasses everything we love in life.

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We’ve said this before, but @smilees is the Yolk Porn Queen. Behold, avocado and chorizo browned with onion and garlic, drizzled with cilantro oil and topped with fried duck egg.

Sometimes a simple pasta with bolognese sauce just can’t be beat.

2014: The Year of the Avo Toast. What ever could 2015 bring? Here are our predictions.

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Everyone says oysters are an aphrodisiac but no one captures their true sexiness like Wendy Kou.

The girls behind @twohealthybuns have made it into a ton of our #SpoonFeed roundups, but this simple photo with its gorgeous colors and beautiful natural light is a photo we just could not forget.

Thank you, Allyson, for proving to the world that cauliflower crust pizza can still be beautiful.

Everyone was pretty obsessed with ice cream sandwiches this summer, but @eatsandthecity’s homemade M&M beauties rocked Instagram so hard ice cream lovers everywhere didn’t know what hit them.

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How meta.

The cronut was invented in 2013, but surely retained its place as the king of hybrid desserts throughout 2014. We don’t see this treat going anywhere.

And with that, we have another year behind us. We here at Spoon had such an incredible year but we’re sure we couldn’t have done it without your support and your incredible #SpoonFeed pics that always brightened our week. Here’s to an amazing 2015 full of food porn!