Instagram is flooded with new and creative accounts, drawing us all into the world of travel, food, and cats. But one account, in particular, has stood out to me with its combination of glamour, stardom, and food. 

Taste of Streep is an Instagram account dedicated to the finest Meryl Streep looks and equally decadent food. Creator Samantha Raye takes Meryl's outfits and blends them continuously with food and beverages that match so well you are not sure where Meryl ends and the food begins, creating a seamless presentation. Here are 20 pics proving why you need to follow @tasteofstreep on Instagram and will have you hungry for more.

1. Baby Belle of the Ball 

Skin smoother than a waxed figure and more delicious than cheese.

2. Juicy and Tender Thighs

Much like rotisserie chicken, Meryl is succulent, delicious, and never gets old.

3. Crème de la Crème 

No picture could every prove more that Meryl Streep is truly the cream of the crop when it comes to acting.

4. Hot and Steamy 

When you are so tired that just drinking coffee won't help so you bathe in it too. 

5. I'd Toss Her into My Salad

*Eats one vegetable that week.

6. Tall Glass of Delicious

Rosé is red,

Violets are blue,

I love wine,

And Meryl Streep does too.

7. Succulent for (hollan)DAYS

Saucy and sassy, what can't she do!

8. The Cherry on Top

A hot pocket on a hot pocket. YUM!

9. This Shit is Bananas

Would let her be my Bananas Foster mom.

10. So Spicy Sriracha Can't Even Compete 

So hot it's like she's dancing with the devil.

11. Bloody Meryl 

The drink to cure all hangers as well as your wildest dreams.

12. Gyro Hero

Goes on top of a gyro better than zesty tzatziki sauce.

13. I Got a Guac in my Rari 

Every time I'm in the Streeps I hear GUAC GUAC GUAC GUAC.

14. A Homemade Classic 

When someone's giving you attitude so you give them this look. Chicken Pot BYE.

15. Freaky Frank 

Such a great actress that she is flexible for any role!

16. Pippin' Hot Slice 

Who wouldn't want a slice of Meryl, or even the whole pizza for that matter!

17. Hostess With the Mostest 

Has there even been such elegance and grace oozing out out of a twinkie?

18. Sex ApPEEL 

Just chilling in her Banana Hammock.

19. Fine Wine

Much like a fine wine, Meryl gets better with age.

20. On Cloud Nine

So light, airy, and delicious much like a real doughnut.

You never know what you will find on the internet these days but if you look hard enough you make come across a gem like Taste of Streep. So go follow them right now and I promise you won't regret it.