Isn’t it the worst when you find a Godly-amazing food and the world finds a way to ruin it? Remember the days when rainbow bagels and cronuts were a special thing before they were overly produced and sold out to major food chains like Dunkin Donuts? Here are some of the food trends that have met their end and need to just stop.

20. Pabst’s Blue Ribbon Beer


Photo courtesy of @pabtsblueribbon on Instagram

Or any “artisanal” beer that actually tastes like cat piss.

19. Mochi


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What the hell even is mochi?

18. Fancy Toast


Photo by Alvin Zhou

Of course people found a way to make the most inexpensive meal more expensive. I’ve actually had to pay $7 for toast once.  Never again.

17. Matcha


Photo courtesy of Rios Enriquez

Apparently, it will give you more energy than coffee without giving you the jitters.  I’ve also heard it doesn’t taste very well.

16. Smoothies


Photo courtesy of Yonatan Soler

Let me put my grass-kale-acai smoothie in my mason jar and put it in the sunlight to make it look prettier than it actually tastes!

15. Gelato-Stuffed Paninis


Photo courtesy of @spoonuniversity on Instagram

This would make me die of an intense sugar coma.

14. Blue Velvet Cake


Photo courtesy of @ricksx_ on Instagram

Was there ever really a need to change the color of the classic?

13. Home-Cooked Miniature Food


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Are you cooking for ants? C’mon.

12. Pancake Art


Photo courtesy of @gwen_rya on Instagram

There is no need for me to spend as much time on a pancake, as an art project. Just feed me–I’m a simple lady, with simple, syrupy dreams.

11. Crepes


Photo by Julia Macaulay

The way people eat crepes nowadays is just irritating. END ALL THE CREPE CAKES!

10. Cold-press Juice


Photo by Jessie Fitts

Juice is juice, there is no reason for me to pay more for this.

9. Anything from Starbucks


Photo by Molly Doroba

I spot at least 3 fedoras within the first minute I walk into a Starbucks. This is where you can observe the hipster in its natural, wild habitat, sipping on a grande soy chai latte and typing their next screenplay.

8. Macarons


Photo by Alexandra Wee

These things are way too tiny–I need 6 of them to actually cure my cravings.

7. Overly-Decadent Doughnuts


Photo courtesy of @donutbar on Instagram

Where do you even start to eat this?

6. Sushi Burrito


Photo by Jane Yeo

That just looks like waaaayyy too much raw fish for one person to eat.

5. Kombucha


Photo courtesy of @updogkombucha on Instagram

P.S.A. to Everyone: please stop sipping on a drink made from bacteria and yeast. Gross.

4. Açai Bowls


Photo courtesy of @wholefoods on Instagram

It’s basically just a smoothie in a bowl, it’s just a messier way to eat said smoothie.  That doesn’t seem too logical to me.

3. Outrageous Milkshakes


Photo courtesy of @blacktapnyc on Instagram

Please don’t put a 3-course meal on top of my milkshake. There is no need for a whole cake to be on top of my milkshake.

2. Rainbow Bagel


Photo by Angela Pizzimenti

It’s literally just a plain bagel with food coloring. You can easily make one instead of waiting in line for 3 hours. Guys, please learn how to cook, it’ll save you a lot of bucks that could go towards the necessities in life, like wine.

1. Raindrop Cake


Photo courtesy of Tim Ireland

They really did it. They made a cake out of some water, and it just looks like an orb of lies and false promises of beautiful sweetness. There’s so much more out there that’s better than the raindrop cake, trust me, guys.

Know any more food trends that we missed? Let us know before they’re “too mainstream.”