If you are like every other student at Holy Cross, you are always on-the-go.  Being a Crusader is tough, but with these two new additions to Holy Cross dinning, life on the Hill just got a bit easier.

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1. Kimball Clementines

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Whether you realized it or not, clementines were a much needed addition.  Even though there have always been regular oranges in Kimball, nothing is cuter than a clementine.

With sleep deprivation and the cold Worcester weather, the Vitamin C found in clementines will certainly help keep you healthy. They provide the nutritious value you need to keep you on your A-game, and your Mom happy.

Clementines are also a perfect snack to eat in the library or during class because they don’t make any noise. They’re so easy to carry around they won’t make a mess if they get smushed… @bananas. There is absolutely no shame in “stealing” 2 (or 8) clementines as you are leaving Kimball because you need to make sure you always have (at least) one on hand.

If you end up accumulating more clementines than your body can handle, put them to good use after a long week and try this minty citrus cocktail or sangria. #cheers

Photo by Natsuko Mazany

2. Large Iced Coffee from the Science Cafe

Photo by Isabella Cuellar

If you are an iced coffee addict, you know the Science Café has the best coffee on campus. With milk and favored creamers like vanilla and hazelnut and soy milk, there is literally something for everyone.

Photo by Isabella Cuellar

Since the small iced coffee cups only got us about 10 sips – equivalent to like, getting through half of one math problem – HC students asked and the Science Café answered.  They understand our addictions and started stocking large iced coffee cups. With these, it is much easier to get through a long day of studying, class, or lab, so you basically don’t look like this:

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Thankfully, HC Dining will always have our (racing) hearts – due to excessive caffeine consumption, but we couldn’t be happier.  Now, we can enjoy sipping on a large iced coffee from Science Café while snacking on a clementine and be #happy that these dining additions will help us get through the rest of the semester.

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