After watching The Office for years, it's safe to say that Michael Scott is one my favorite characters in a TV series. He may not put in the most work every day, say appropriate jokes or make any sense to his employees, but he's pretty spot on when it comes to college students experiences with food.

Michael Scott, The World's Best Boss, sums up just how we feel. 

1. When you accidentally spill the salt so you toss some over your shoulder. 

Michael Scott gets that you definitely can't take your chances with this one. 

2. When you face the harsh reality of picking what to make dinner. 

Do you even bother cooking and stick with your standard eggs or avocado toast or try something new like carbonara for once?

3. When your roommate takes your leftovers.

Then you're left with deciding between putting it behind your or saying something about it. 

4. When someone tells you about a new diet they're on.

But you're still at the point in your life when you consider ice cream for dinner an acceptable alternative to pasta and a salad. 

5. When someone explains to you how they don't eat breakfast. 

How and why would anyone miss out on the best meal of the day?

6. When you resort to grocery shopping at Whole Foods a few too many times during the semester. 

Your eyes were way bigger than your wallet. Opt for Trader Joe's next time to save a buck or two. 

7. When your friends want you to go out but you're still recovering from the night before. 

Try Pedialyte next time you want to rally. 

8. When you go to eat a chocolate chip cookie and realize the chocolate chips are raisins. 

This is truly a crime against dessert. 

9. When you start talking at the drive-thru even though have absolutely no idea what you want yet. 

Somehow you accidentally end up ordering half the menu.

10. When your mom tries to explain a family recipe to you over the phone. 

 What does it mean when a recipe says to "fold in" ingredients? 

11. When you still haven't done your dishes from three days ago. 

It seems like an okay thing to do, until your kitchen starts to smell. 

12. When someone convinces you try a new food that you don't like. 

At least you tried something new. 

13. When you drop your tray in the dining hall. 

Or even worse, when you see one of your friends drop their tray and suffer second hand embarrassment. 

14. When you see your food coming at the restaurant. 

An indescribable feeling, especially when you were just starting to get hangry

15. When anyone offers you free food ever. 

Club interest meeting? Parents in town? You name a place for free food, and I'll be there.

16. When you know you just failed a test. 

Sometimes you just have to accept your failures and move on, with a little help from ice cream

17. When you work out for the first time in weeks. 

When you use working out as a reason to carbo load. 

18. The lie you tell yourself after eating out all weekend. 

You tell yourself that you have to live a little and deal with the consequences of your foodie habits later. 

19. When you go to make a new recipe and realize you have none of the right ingredients. 

Chinese Soup Dumplings may have to wait until you're really prepared for them, not on a whim.