There are certain things you will never hear a Cornellian say. Just as certain as the fact that Cornell is in Ithaca or that the weather isn’t exactly the best, Cornell students won’t say these 19 things.

1. “There was no line when I went to get a salad at Terrace today.”"class="" src="" alt="" width="1080" height="1080" />

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There is no debate: Terrace salads are delicious. It is the wide-spread love for these healthy design-your-own creations that causes lines nearly out the door every day at lunch time.

2. “I don’t know why anyone ever gets a quesadilla at Trillium.”"class="" src="" alt="" width="1080" height="1080" />

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Cheesy goodness tucked into an oversized flour tortilla and topped with sour cream and guacamole. There’s nothing not to love about one of Trillium’s best offerings.

3. “The food truck sounds horrible at 2 am.”"class="" src="" alt="" width="640" height="640" />

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It’s pretty late. You’re coming back from a night out with your friends. Just as you start to think that food sounds like a good idea, you pass Louie’s. Nothing ever seemed like a better idea than those fries or that burger.

4. “I hate CTB.”"class="" src="" alt="" width="1080" height="1350" />

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This bagel shop is a must at any time of day. With a variety of sandwiches, wraps, and drinks, Collegetown Bagels has something delicious for everyone.

5. “The Carriage House has terrible brunch.”"class="" src="" alt="" width="1080" height="1080" />

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Besides being set in an old carriage house, the Carriage House has a lot to offer. From local meats to beautiful coffee creations, it is undoubtedly one of the best places to get brunch in Ithaca.

6. “I don’t ever want to get a fishbowl.”"class="" src="" alt="" width="640" height="640" />

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Every Wednesday Level B has a fishbowl filled with alcohol, which is accompanied by a plastic toy, for just $18. What more could you need to know?

7. “Cornell peanut butter is the worst.”

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Cornell’s fresh ground peanut butter, especially with honey added, is pretty much to die for. It has definitely converted many who disliked it into lovers of the creamy butter. Even better, peanut butter is actually good for you.

8. “Happy Dave and his music aren’t the reason I go to Okenshields.”

A greeting from Dave, the smiling card-swiper and music that will bring you back to your glory days in the early 2000’s make using a meal swipe on central totally worth it.

9. “I never went to Nasties at 1 am when I was a freshman.”"class="" src="" alt="" width="1080" height="1080" />

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It’s freshman year, late at night. You have two problem sets and an essay due in the morning, but you just can’t work anymore. What do you do? Go to Nasties for a calzone or some other much needed snack.

10. “RPCC brunch? Meh.”"src="" alt="" width="1080" height="1080" />

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Regardless of your grade, there are Sunday mornings when you really crave some brunch at RPCC. Dim sum or an omelet might be exactly what you need the morning after a night out.

11. “I’ve never gone to The Heights when my parents have come to visit.”


  today’s appetizer addition: Sautéed jumbo shrimp over baklava w/smoked tomatoes & gorgonzola cheese in a balsamic pan sauce. #bonappetit   A photo posted by The Heights Restaurant & Bar (@theheightsithaca) on Mar 12, 2015 at 2:55pm PDT

The Heights is a classic for a parent visit. It has everything that you never get when your parents aren’t taking you: tablecloths, fancy plating, and desserts that you have to order with your entrees.

12. “I didn’t spend the first month of freshman year eating ice cream at every meal.”"class="" src="" alt="" width="1080" height="1080" />

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Combining ice cream being available at all times of day with the freedom to eat unlimited amounts of food and first experiencing the stress of college leads freshmen to eat copious amounts of ice cream. Especially in the first couple weeks of school, it is totally unnatural to leave the dining hall without a cup or cone. And if it does make you gain the freshman 15, it’s totally okay.

13. “Cornell dairy products are just horrible.”"class="" src="" alt="" width="1080" height="1080" />

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Because of the locally-developed dairy products thanks to Cornell’s very own Department of Food Science, the Cornell Dairy products are some of the freshest around. Even if you aren’t right on campus anymore, don’t worry, they now deliver Cornell Dairy ice cream.

14. “Waffle Frolic has no options.”


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Waffle Frolic, a restaurant located in the Ithaca Commons, offers a variety of options to create your own waffle. To add onto the choice of a buttermilk, hemp and buckwheat, cornbread, or gluten-free vegan waffle, waffle-lovers can choose from over 20 different toppings. To top it all off, there are also sandwiches, coffees, and smoothies.

15. “An event with free food? I won’t be there.”

No self-respecting foodie will ever turn down free food, especially not a college student on a budget. Some activities even include the fact that they are providing food in their advertisements in order to attract more people.

16. “Wegmans pales in comparison to my grocery store at home.”"class="" src="" alt="" width="1080" height="1080" />

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Wegmans is a super supermarket. Shopping there can be a whole day affair with aisle after aisle of different foods, especially foreign foods that may be hard to find anywhere else and fresh bakery products. Additionally, their market cafe is so good that some students may find themselves there for a meal without even going grocery shopping.

17. “Apple Fest is the worst weekend of the year.”"class="" src="" alt="" width="1080" height="1080" />

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Every fall, the Ithaca Commons gets taken over by apples, restaurant food, wine and cider, and games and rides. Students stuff themselves with caramel apples, baked goods, kettle corn, and different cuisines. What more could you want? 

18. “Bleh. Cornell apple cider.”" src="" alt="Cornell" width="640" height="640" />

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Local Cornell apples grown right in Cornell Orchards, processed, packaged, and sold right on campus makes for some of the best apple cider around. Not to mention there are even cider dispensers right in the dining halls that make it a breeze for students to enjoy this local delicacy.

19. “When I’m a senior, I’m not going to try to take wines.”


HADM 4300: Introduction to Wines is without a doubt one of the most popular classes at Cornell. It is so popular that unless you are a student in the Hotel School, you aren’t even eligible to take it until senior year. It’s truly an experience that no one wants to miss.