Whether you chose to live that #dairyfreelife or you were born allergic to the stuff, finding sweets without butter or milk in the ingredient list is pretty tough. To help ya out, we partnered with our friends at StumbleUpon to bring you these kickass treats without any dairy. Eat on, kids.

#SpoonTip: Some of these recipes are vegan, too, so if you’re into that, be sure to check out the original posts.

1. Two Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

dairy-free desserts

Photo by Samantha Sitt

“This shit is bananas” — Gwen Stefani. Recipe here.

2. Gluten, Nut, and Dairy-Free Puppy Chow

dairy-free desserts

Photo by Alana Bercu

BRB, eating the entire bowl. Recipe here.

3. Oreo Pancakes

dairy-free desserts

Photo by Abby Wang

Breakfast for dessert, because why not? Recipe here.

4. Fruit Salsa

dairy-free desserts

Photo by Santina Renzi

I promise, you’ll never eat regular tomato salsa again. Recipe here.

5. 3-Ingredient Chocolate Bars

dairy-free desserts

Photo by Kelli Haugh

You can make these during one episode of your fave Netflix show. Recipe here.

6. Levain Look-Alike Cookies

dairy-free desserts

Photo by Natalie Beam

If you’ve never heard of the amazingness that is a freshly baked Levain cookie, then we can’t be friends. Make ’em like this.

7. Peanut Butter Freezer Fudge

dairy-free desserts

Photo by Caitlin Shoemaker

It’s peanut butter jelly time. Recipe here.

8. Frozen Strawberry Bars

dairy-free desserts

Photo courtesy of pastryaffair.com

Who says you can’t have frozen dessert in the middle of winter? Not me, that’s for sure. Recipe here.

9. Chocolate Cupcakes

dairy-free desserts

Photo courtesy of chowhound.com

Birthday cake is overrated. Make these celebratory chocolate cupcakes instead. Recipe here.

10. Dark Chocolate Matcha Truffles

dairy-free desserts

Photo courtesy of feedmephoebe.com

Hop on that matcha train. Recipe here.

11. Olive Oil Chocolate Mousse

dairy-free desserts

Photo courtesy of kumquatblog.com

This recipe serves 8, but I’m willing to take that as a challenge. Learn how to make it here.

12. Coconut Milk Rice Pudding with Citrus and Ginger

dairy-free desserts

Photo courtesy of food52.com

Forget dessert, I’m making this for breakfast. Recipe here.

13. Lemon Sorbet

dairy-free desserts

Photo courtesy of thekitchn.com

Sorbet is pretty much just water, sugar, and fruit. Not feeling lemon? Try basically any other flavor. No ice cream maker needed. Recipe here.

14. Matcha Green Tea Mochi

dairy-free desserts

Photo courtesy of kirbiecravings.com

I was serious about that matcha thing. Recipe here.

15. Flourless Pistachio Cookies

dairy-free desserts

Photo courtesy of giverecipe.com

Perfect for St. Patty’s Day. Recipe here.

16. Super Simple Mango Gelato

dairy-free desserts

Photo courtesy of cookingcrusade.com

Seriously, it’s almost too easy to be true. Recipe here.

17. Chocolate Avocado Cookies

dairy-free desserts

Photo courtesy of jamieoliver.com

These cookies are full of healthy fats — at least, that’s what you’ll tell yourself when you’re reaching for the last one. Recipe here.

18. Chewy Sugar Cookies

dairy-free desserts

Photo courtesy of allrecipes.com

Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside. Bonus: You can easily make these into snickerdoodles by rolling them in cinnamon and sugar before you pop ’em in the oven. Recipe here.

19. Banana and Chocolate Chia Cream Pie Parfaits

dairy-free desserts

Photo courtesy of halfbakedharvest.com

Three layers of deliciousness. Do it for the Insta. Recipe here.