Dorm rooms suck: they’re crowded, expensive, and sometimes your roommates eat all your food. But, living in a dorm can actually be nice. The trick is to decorate your dorm with food-themed DIYs because who doesn’t love food?

Here’s how to have the nicest dorm on your floor:

1. Use a Food-Themed Desktop Background

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Design Love Fest has amazing desktop backgrounds for both phones and computers. Get the one shown above here.

2. Iron Food Patterns Onto Your Bed Sheets

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Bring those boring sheets back to life with a pizza print. Here’s the tutorial.

3. Decorate With Recipes in a Bottle

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They make great gifts, too. Here’s the recipe.

4. Decorate Your Walls With Flower Ice Cream Cones

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Use fake flowers because no on has time to take care of them. Or, use white card stock and top with styrofoam balls and acrylic paint for a wall of snow cones. Learn how to make them here.

5. Buy a Pepperoni Pillow, or Seventeen

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Or a blueberry pillow if you’re trying to be healthier. Buy it here.

6. Make a Donut Pillow

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Homer Simpson approved. Find the tutorial here.

7. Make a Clock That Always Reminds You When it’s Time to Eat

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Make this, but use saucy #SpoonFeed photos instead of pictures of your day. Learn how to make it here.

8. Make Snow Cone String Lights

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Use the extra snow cones as gift tags or just fill up the cones with popcorn for a quick go-to snack. Find the tutorial here.

9. Organize Your Food With a Shoe Organizer

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More cabinet space = more places to put food.

10. Display Your Memories on a Fruit Bulletin Board

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Or, fill it with #FoodInTheAir photos and grocery lists. Get the tutorial here.

11. Create a Food Playlist For Your Room


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Make a food themed playlist or listen to food podcasts to take your food theme to the next level. #Foodie

12. Spell Out Your Favorite Food With String Art

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There’s no better way to say that you love food than depicting an image of it through string art. Or, for the non-artistic, you can just write the name. Tutorial here.

13. Make Your Room Smell Delicious

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You can light some candles or you can do it the old fashioned way. Add these ingredients into a mason jar for a perfect gift. Recipe here.

14. Make an Edible Arrangement Centerpiece

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What’s better than an Edible Arrangement? One that doesn’t make you bankrupt. DIY it here.

15. Add a Clipboard Wall of Your Favorite Foods and Recipes

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Who needs inspirational quote boards when you’ve got a clipboard wall? Figure out how to make it here.

16. Frame Some Fruit Wall Art

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How else would you use your printing money? Get the printable here.

17. Upgrade Your Fridge With a Caddy

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High-end dining, worth every penny. Buy it here.

18. Store Your Things in Magnetic Spice Containers

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Eco-friendly and fancy. Learn how to do it here.