…Because when someone sets down a plate of appetizers, you know things are gettin’ serious.

17 Super-Easy Appetizers That'll Make You Look Sophisticated

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1. Wine and Cheese

Wine and Cheese

Photo courtesy of passportsandpancakes.com

A class act that is great to indulge in while your epic chicken dinner is cooking, or as a meal of its own. If your cheese to wine ratio is on, it’s a balanced meal, right? Get the recipe.

2. Pickle & Ham Pinwheels

Pickle & Ham Pinwheels

Photo by Elizabeth Layman

 This go-to platter can be rolled and toothpicked in minutes, especially since you should always have a jar of pickles in your fridge. Get the recipe here.

3. Puff Pastry Wrapped Brie

Puff Pastry Wrapped Brie

Photo by Alison Weissbrot

After baking, dig into this crispy-yet-melty bundle of heaven with apples or crackers. Get the recipe.

4. Cheese’N’Sausage Balls With Dip

Cheese'N'Sausage Balls With Dip

Photo by Elizabeth Layman

Can’t go wrong with these baked balls. Cheesy, meaty and overall pleasing with a side of creamy mustard dip. Get the recipe.

5. Salmon Dip

Salmon Dip

Photo by Eva Reynolds

Your taste buds might not be sophisticated enough to handle a full salmon fillet, but ease yourself and your friends into the tasty world of seafood with this incredible salmon dip. Quick, someone grab the crackers or we’re gonna use our hands. Get the recipe.

6. Not-Your-Average Chips

Not-Your-Average Chips

Photo by Maddy Shannon

Save your Doritos, Tostitos, or any “ito” family member for your drunchie fix, and satisfy your craving with a refined variation of apple, kale or sweet potato chips. Get the recipe.

7. Dining Hall Bruschetta

Dining Hall Bruschetta

Photo by Yair Sakols

Learning how to navigate the dining hall is an under-appreciated skill that should be acceptable on resumes. Even though there are plenty #collegefood fails, there are also some wins, like this bruschetta courtesy of the salad bar.

8. Marinated Olives

Marinated Olives

Photo by Charlotte Hull

Quick, easy, salty, savory, juicy —all things we love, especially when it comes to olives. Add a dirty martini to your pre-dinner shenanigans and have a real party. Get the recipe.

9. Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted Chickpeas

Photo by Kirby Barth

Last time we checked, chickpeas are the new quinoa in the world of health foods, so nosh on these semi-guilt free roasted chickpeas all you want.

10. Bacon Wrapped Dates

Bacon Wrapped Dates

Photo courtesy of nu.spoonuniversity.com

Bacon wrapped dates are a no-brainer, especially when you stuff them with rosemary and goat cheese.

11. Three Easy/Healthy Dips

Three Easy/Healthy Dips

Photo by Kathryn Stouffer

Salsa + carrots.

Photo by Kathryn Stouffer

Black bean dip + tortilla chips.

Photo by Kathryn Stouffer

Whether it’s the black bean, salsa, or sweet apple dip, these dips will help your maintain your swim suit (or birthday suit) body.

12. Chocolate Pretzel Bites

Chocolate Pretzel Bites

Photo by Rozina Fonyo

Since you’re only kind of a grown up, you can kind of get away with having dessert for an appetizer. Emphasis on the kind of, but regardless it’s still a trendy pairing of sweet and salty. Get the recipe.

13. Parmesan-Baked Edamame

Parmesan-Baked Edamame

Photo by Elyse Belarge

They’re like the roasted chickpeas less-hipster cousin, but their melt-in-your-mouth coating makes up for it. Get the recipe.

14. Homemade Spring Rolls

Homemade Spring Rolls

Photo by Jessica Chu

Take out is tempting, but put down the phone, you can do this. Show your friends who’s boss in the kitchen before the real meal even comes out by making your own spring rolls.

15. Bacon Jalapeño Poppers

Bacon Jalapeño Poppers

Photo courtesy of Pillsbury

Watch out, these little rolls will getcha. Get the recipe.

16. Shrimp Nachos

Shrimp Nachos

Photo by Katherine Richter

Nachos have met their match in shrimp. There’s nothing fishy about this casual but crowd-pleasing combo. Get the recipe.

17. DIY Guacamole

You can’t go wrong with a bag of chips and zesty guac. Plus, you don’t have to wait for a waiter to bring out another bowl when you devour it in minutes (seconds*).