With a unique food holiday every day, February was a fantastic month for food lovers. From World Nutella Day to National Bagels & Lox day, #SpoonFeed contributors had an amazing platform for their food porn and they absolutely followed through. It was tough to decide, but below are our favorites.

Sometimes you just need an M&M donut the size of your head to get you through the day. Want a donut right now? Here’s how to make homemade donuts like a boss.

Dat chocolate drizzle.

@amanda_foodock proves yet again that healthy doesn’t have to be boring.

The cappicola, sriracha and cilantro pesto is awesome but let’s be real, the cheese is the star of this sandwich. Never thought of using a waffle iron for your sandwich? Here’s eight other creations you can make in a waffle iron.

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Seriously, Levain Bakery. How. Do. You. Do. It.

More like Fifty Shades of Sexy Cheese.

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Oh, you know, just a picture-perfect pistachio cupcake.

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@spoon_bucknell makin’ us proud with this dressed up ramen. Here’s how to do it.

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That cheese is going to make an appearance in our dreams tonight.

The doughssant is the new cronut and this delicious pic is the reason why. Here’s some other hybrid desserts you absolutely must try.

This meatball SpaghettiOs grilled cheese was an image we just couldn’t shake. It belongs with the best of the best.

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That sexy Hollandaise, though.

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Few things are better than homemade chocolate. So you can make some of your own, here’s our favorite hot chocolate recipe.

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This is sous vide lamb sirloin with ricotta herb gnocchi in a red wine mushroom cream reduction with arugula pureé. Paulus, please be our personal chef?

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Pork tostada with Monterey Jack cheese, orange glory tomatoes, guajillo chile salsa and a poached egg. Yolk porn queen @smilees is BACK.

All that’s missing is the cherry on top.

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Only ballers eat their egg salad with pesto. Here’s five reasons why pesto is the ultimate sauce if you don’t believe us.

With high quality food porn like this, we can’t wait to see what March has in store. Make sure you follow us on Instagram in the meantime to see our favorite pics and catch what we’re eating.