There is nothing quite like a comforting, ooey gooey grilled cheese sandwich. It may seem simple at first; after all, it's just bread and cheese. However, there are some places across the country that have taken this classic comfort food to a whole other level. Here are 17 of the craziest grilled cheese sandwiches in the US.

1. Any Sandwich from Cheesie's Pub & Grub: Chicago, IL

All of the sandwiches at Cheesie's are, you guessed it, cheesy. There's lots of options to choose from, some of the most popular being The Mac (mac and cheese grilled cheese), The Original, and The Popper. 

2. Grilled Cheese at Blue Dog Bakery & Café: Louisville, KY

The grilled cheese at Blue Dog Bakery and Cafe is unlike any other. This masterpiece includes bacon, cheddar slices, cheese curds, cider vinegar, onions, and is finished off with spicy mayo.

3. Triple Decker Grilled Cheese from Shopsin's: New York, NY

This Triple Decker Grilled Cheese from Shopsin's is perfect for those days where you're craving some serious comfort food. It has an egg on top, so that automatically means you can eat it for breakfast, too.

4. Don Quixote from The Grilled Cheese Bistro: Norfolk, VA

The Don Quixote from The Grilled Cheese Bistro is vegetarian, like most normal grilled cheeses, but that doesn't mean it's not totally #extra. This over-the-top grilled cheese is the perfect combination of gouda, caramelized onions, sautéed oyster mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and olive tapenade.

5. Grilled Cheese from Café Muse: Royal Oak, MI

The grilled cheese sandwich at Café Muse is a combination of three cheeses – havarti, fontina and fresh mozzarella. There is also fresh basil, tomatoes and organic bread. The special ingredient, however, is honey, which is used sparingly to provide a background taste that's sweet, but not too sweet. 

6. Bombay Grilled Cheese from Badmaash: Los Angeles, CA

This is not your average sandwich because combines comfort food with bold Indian flavors. The Bombay Grilled Cheese at Badmaash Indian gastropub is complete with aged cheddar, serrano chilies, onions, and cilantro. 

7. Classic Melt Grilled Cheese from MELT: Birmingham, AL

Avondale MELT & Truck are homes to an iconic grilled cheese sammie. The classic grilled cheese has cheddar, Monterey jack, and American cheeses toasted to bubbly perfection on Texas toast. It is truly irresistible. 

8. Three Cheese from Roxy's Grilled Cheese: Boston, MA

Roxy's Grilled Cheese food truck is a favorite among Harvard students. Their Three Cheese Grilled Cheese is a real showstopper. It's got the perfect combo of Vermont cheddar, muenster, and fontina. 

9. Mozzarella Carrozza from B&A Pork Store: Brooklyn, NY

B&A Pork Store is home to the famous Mozzarella Carrozza. It's a grilled cheese on steroids, complete with deep-fried mozzarella. 

10. Mackin Melt from Ms. Cheezious: Miami and Coral Gables, FL

The Mackin Melt is a must-have at Ms. Cheezious, a famous grilled cheese joint in Florida. This gooey perfection is complete with rich gouda mac and cheese, house cured bacon, and fresh sourdough. 

11. The Buffalo Blue Grilled Cheese from GCDC: Washington DC

This Grilled Cheese Bar is located just a block away from the White House, so you know it's All-American. The Buffalo Blue grilled cheese includes the signature cheddar blend, blue cheese, buffalo chicken, red onion, and Frank’s Red Hot on white bread. It doesn't get more American than that. 

12. Specialty Grilled Cheeses from Alchemy Cafe: Madison, WI

It would be a list of the most awesome grilled cheeses without including at least one from Wisconsin. Wisconsin is the Dairy State, and this Madison gem is the perfect late-night hot spot. The house favorite is the veggie-heavy stuffed grilled cheese, overfilled with broccoli, roasted carrots, tomato, red onions and plenty of cheddar and Swiss.

13. Beckett's Original from Beckett's Table: Phoenix, AZ 

Beckett's Original Grilled Cheese consists of pancetta, four cheeses, and roasted red pepper tomato soup. Even the bread has crispy melted cheese on top. 

14. Mighty Macaroni from Melt Bar and Grilled: Lakewood, OH

You need to take a trip to Melt Bar and Grilled for this tall sandwich. This delicacy has creamy homemade macaroni and cheese that has been battered and deep fried, layered with cheddar cheese sauce and your favorite melted cheese.

15. Jalapeño Popper Grilled Cheese from Dallas Grilled Cheese Company: Dallas, TX

Everything is truly bigger in Texas, including the grilled cheese sammies. This Dallas favorite combines two of the most popular American comfort foods – jalapeño poppers and grilled cheese – to create this monster masterpiece. 

16. Mac n' Cheese Grilled Cheese from The Varsity Truck: Manhattan, KS

The Mac n' Cheese Grilled Cheese is one of the most iconic eats at this popular food truck. Try it with bacon and Sriracha for the experience of a lifetime. 

17. Doughnut Grilled Cheese from Clinton Hall: New York, NY

Clinton Hall's famous Doughnut Grilled Cheese is made with piles of fresh mozzarella pressed between two glazed doughnuts. Even better, it comes hanging over a bowl of tomato soup. Its cheese pull is great for the Insta, and even better for your tastebuds.  

There are a million and one ways to enjoy a grilled cheese, but go for the extreme next time. Try to cross all 17 of these irresistible, toasty, cheesy delicacies off your bucket list. You can never be too #extra when it comes to cheese.