New York is a state well-known for its food, but I never realized how much I had taken this for granted until I packed up my things and moved to the south. Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s great food down here too, but every few weeks I find myself nostalgic for  my beloved New York favorites.

1. Bagels 

New York Food

Photo by Gabrielle Levitt

Some may claim that you can get a good bagel anywhere, but those people have never had a warm New York bagel toasted and schmeared with cream cheese or tuna. Ugh.

2. Lox

Thank you to the salmon who sacrificed his or her life for this toast ??

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New York lox deserve their own category. They can be served on bagels, as plain old fish, or mixed into cream cheese. Loxspread is the best spread.

3. Chopped Salads

New York Food

Photo by Gabrielle Levitt

I’ve always been used to having my salads perfectly chopped everywhere I go, including at the deli around the corner from my house and at the fanciest restaurant in town. However, when I left New York I learned that most people do not get to experience each bite full of all of their favorite ingredients. Cutting up my own salad simply is not the same.

4. Sushi

New York Food

Photo by Becca Berland

I know that there is sushi everywhere, but I have not been to anywhere outside New York that pays the same degree of attention to sushi customization. Sushi is abundant in New York, from Asian restaurants to hotel brunch buffets and it can be customized to your dreams. Spicy tuna naruto rolls with avocado, I miss you.

5. Margarita Pizza

New York Food

Photo by Alexa Levitt

Chicago can take the deep-dish, but New York wins when it comes to Margarita. That sauce though…

6. Jewish Delis

Roast beef, pastrami, turkey on rye bread with matzah ball soup and the pickle of your dreams is sadly unavailable out of New York. Stock up while you can.

7. Dirty Chinese Food

New York Food

Photo by Alexa Levitt

There’s really nothing like eating lo mein and ginger chicken straight out of the carton on a cold New York night.

8. Hot Street Pretzels

?pretzels n' the city?

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I mean, you can get street hot dogs anywhere but giant, hot, salty pretzels are another story.

9. Bacon Egg and Cheese

We're on this diet where we only eat stuff that tastes really fucking great. #spoonfeed

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There is even a full restaurant devoted to the BEC now.

10. Ice Cream from a Truck

New York Food

Photo by Alexa Levitt

It seems like you cannot even go a few blocks in New York City without hearing the ever-so-tempting anthem of every ice cream truck. In other states, you have to go inside an actual shop, which is way too much effort… maybe.

11. Crispy Rice and Spicy Tuna

Next level #fatpplproblems

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I don’t know who decided to fry rice and put tuna drenched in mayo on top, but New Yorkers are eternally grateful to this person.

12. Chicken Satay

Sat(ay)isfied #fatpplproblems

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Chicken satay with peanut sauce has become an upscale Chinese delicacy in the Big Apple and is usually not found elsewhere. This stuff is addicting.

13. Chicken Cutlets

Cold cut city, betch. #EATINGNYC

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For some reason, it is hard to find good chicken cutlets outside New York. What a shame.

14. Epic Burgers

Thank you @onemoredish for bringing me this baby ? #EATINGNYC

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I have seen literally everything on a burger. From mac and cheese to fried eggs to pulled pork, we don’t know where to stop.

15. A Good Slice of Pizza

Yes. Forever yes. #spoonfeed ?PC: @newyorkeatsss

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A nice slice is one of the easiest, cheapest things to pick up in New York. It doesn’t have to be gourmet. It’s just always so freakin’ good.

16. ‘Cado Toast

Ratio on point ?#spoonfeed

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For something so easy to make at home, one would wonder why this has become such a fad in New York. Can anyone say basic?

17. Lobster Rolls

From Montauk to Smorgasburg, these dominate Instagram all summer long. Salty and buttery, lobster rolls are no doubt delicious.

So, while traveling out of state is fun for a while, you will probably always return to the Big Apple because nobody can forget the taste of their hometown favorites.