Let’s face it, drinking culture is a huge part of society, and it’s just assumed that it goes hand in hand with the lifestyle of money, cars, and fame. However, there are plenty of celebs that live extraordinary, fabulous lives, without a sip of alcohol.

When in the limelight, it’s commendable not to succumb to the so-called peer pressure of what all the other celebs are doing. Here are 17 stars that you’ll be surprised to know are not spending their money on top shelf liquor.

1. Blake Lively

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Serena might have been all about the cocktails, but Blake can do without.

2. Bradley Cooper


The star of “American Sniper” says he stays away from alcohol to keep focused on his career.

3. Robert Downey Jr.

Ironman is all about keeping his body up to par for rescuing others- definitely not a job that can be done with a hangover headache

4. Tyra Banks

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The face of the modeling industry claims to have no interest in getting tipsy. She also does it because it keeps her skin and body healthy.

5. Kristin Davis

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After struggling with alcoholism from an early age, Davis claims her latest addiction is a good latte

6. Kim Cattrall

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This SATC star keeps her look youthful and her spirits high, without having spirits.

7. Jennifer Hudson


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Do you think pipes like these are downing anything containing ethanol? No way.

8. Russell Brand

When you cut out all the drugs and alcohol, all you’re left with is pure Russell Brand, comedic extraordinaire.

9. Jennifer Lopez

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If not drinking meant having a body like J-Lo’s, I’m sure a lot of women would be going cold turkey on hard drinks.

10. Leona Lewis

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Any love this singer bleeds out has a BAC of 0.00.

11. Zac Efron

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Ironically, he’s nothing like his frat star character in “The Neighbors.”

12. Macklemore

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He’d rather spend the $20 in his pocket at the thrift shop.

13. Tom Cruise

After he had his fair share of public outbursts, Cruise went to rehab and worked hard to salvage his career.

14. Tim McGraw

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“But when you think Tim McGraw, I hope you think [no alcohol]” -Taylor Swift

15. Eminem

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Eminem has worked on getting clean and sober for his family and his own health. Clean out his closet as thoroughly as you like, but you won’t be finding any bottles of liquor.

16. Keith Urban

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Urban gave up alcohol for good and believes his wife helped him through the entire journey–as told in “Got It Right This Time.”

17. Eva Mendes

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Mendes has gotten past her substance abuse problem and moved on to a cleaner, more sober future.

Thinking about staying away from alcohol yourself? Here are some alternatives: