1. Cheap (or free) drinks, all the time.

A photo posted by Christina Boots (@ceeboots) on Apr 4, 2016 at 3:18am PDT


Say goodbye to red solo cups, questionable jungle juice, and cheap beer. Say hello to overpriced cocktails, wine bars, and craft beer that you don’t actually want to pay for but make you feel like an adult.

2. Late-night runs to CTP.


Photo by Libby Perold.

From Margarita to Meat-lovers, CTP was always there to satisfy your late-night cravings, fuel all-nighters during prelim season, or feed your post-workout appetite without breaking the bank.

3. Drunk-eating Dos Amigos.


Photo by Kathleen Lee

Almost everything is freshly made, and what better way to end a night out than with bae (AKA warm tacos and quesadillas). And their salsas are unbelievably tasty.

4. Drunk-eating Jack’s.


Photo courtesy of @risque_clothing on Instagram

The only place to get a solid burger after midnight in CollegeTown. Besides, who wouldn’t want some fries and a milkshake after taking one too many shots?

5. Sake bombing at Plum Tree.


The best way to bond with a large group of people. Nothing beats getting loud and rowdy (and drunk) with sake bombs and sushi.

6. Living walking distance from 99% of your friends.

Literally, when will you EVER live so close to (or even with) your closest friends? These are the OGs who know how to cheer you up, cure (or at least improve) your hangovers, and deal with your prelim-season alter-ego.

7. Catherine Street during O-week.


8. Brunch at Carriage House Cafe.


Photo by Kai Huang

From meat lovers to vegans, health enthusiasts to sugar addicts, Cornell students absolutely adore this cozy cafe. And their mimosas

9. Spending your life savings on coffee and alcohol.


Photo by Delissa Handoko

We need something to fuel both our mornings and nights, duh.

10. Insomnia cookies.


Whether you are trying to pull an all-nighter, too drunk to function, or just need a sweet-tooth fix, Insomnia Cookies is there for you. Warm melt-in-your-mouth cookies make college students happy.

11. Wednesday night fishbowls at Level B.


A rite of passage for anyone over (or even under) 21.

12. Trying new sandwiches and espresso drinks at CTB.


Photo courtesy of @ourplatesdaily on Instagram


There is always a new bagel or sandwich creation to taste, a different espresso drink to sample and interesting snacks on their wooden counter to try at CTB. Where else are we going to come across so much yumminess in one cafe, bakery, or shop?

13. Half-off frozen margaritas at Loco on Thursdays.

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When the temperature is below freezing, why not pretend it’s spring break with some frozen margaritas at Loco?

14. Ordering too much food from GrubHub for a roommate movie night.


I guess it never hurts to prepare for a blizzard or snow day in Ithaca.

15. Drinking sangria and beer at CTB on the rare occasion when the temperature is above freezing and the outdoor seating area actually seems practical.


What could be better than sharing a carafe of sangria at CTB with your friends on a sunny afternoon? The combination of Vitamin D and wine is hard to beat.

16. The vibrant energy and feeling of community in CollegeTown.

Fond memories that you will treasure for many years were formed here. With only a few weeks before we graduate and start #adulting, remember to reconnect with friends you might have lost touch with, try everything and anything you have ever wanted to experience in Ithaca, and enjoy a couple nights out. Cornell is a big school, and yet, it still feels like a small community, especially in CollegeTown.