2015 was a year full of drool-worthy pictures of ice cream, donuts, burgers, waffles, you name it. But one food reigned supreme, receiving the most Insta lovin’ from all you foodies: pizza. Pizza took center stage in all its sauce-smothering, carbo-loading, melted cheesy goodness.

A study by Italian chef Alessio Mecozzi and communications company Klaus Davi has found that pizza was the most photographed food on Instagram this year. With approximately 10 million slice-pulling action shots posted, we know exactly why pizza stole the show.

Pizza was the go-to Insta food of 2015 because it’s the best friend anyone could have. Don’t take my word for it – the proof is in the pics, my friend.

1. Pizza will let you call the shots.


Photo courtesy of @pizzabysarah from Instagram

Whether you’re in the mood for plain cheese, chicken, mushrooms, or any topping your heart desires, pizza will be supportive of your decision. Pizza’s not picky so no need to worry about it not liking the topping you’re craving.

2. Pizza will come to you no matter what mental state you’re in.


Photo courtesy of @eatstagrama from Instagram

Drunk, sober, sad, happy: pizza is your go-to. It’s free from judgment and a great listener, too.

3. Pizza will never say no to dessert.


Photo courtesy of @westchester_eats from Instagram

No meal is complete with something sweet on the side and pizza agrees with that one. Always looking for a way to help satisfy your sweet tooth? Pizza is the perfect partner in crime when looking to tackle a Nutella-filled sweet treat.

4. Pizza will always take a selfie with you.


Photo courtesy of @corinnefoxx from Instagram

Pizza doesn’t have a bad side so you can be sure that any picture you take with it will be looking beautiful. The only concern is that pizza is so photogenic that it may outshine you as the prettier friend.

5. Pizza will celebrate any and all victories with you.


Photo courtesy of @indulgenteats from Instagram

Through all your triumphs and successes, what better than a friend to support you. Pizza will be at the end of every practice, every game, and any finish line waiting to give you some good ole warm, cheesy love, AKA the best kind of love.

6. Pizza is always down for a late-night study session.


Photo courtesy of @nyc_food from Instagram

There’s no denying it… Studying sucks. Pizza gets that, and will look for any way to make those hours over the textbook just a little bit better. Plus, if you’re searching for a good ole study buddy, look no further than pizza.

7. Pizza will support you when you want to eat healthy.


Photo courtesy of @0to1hungry from Instagram

We all have those health kicks every once in awhile. But nobody likes an unsupportive friend who dangles chips in their face while they’re trying to make some healthier decisions. Don’t worry, pizza is a loyal friend who will support you whether you’re craving cheese, lettuce, or salad pizza (what I like to call the best of both worlds).

8. Pizza won’t boss you around.


Photo courtesy of @betcheswhoeat from Instagram

You know those controlling friends? Yeah, well pizza isn’t one of them. Feeling pepperoni one night then buffalo chicken the other? That’s a-okay because pizza is down for anything.

9. Pizza will travel the world with you.


Photo courtesy of @foodintheair from Instagram

Florence, Chicago, Paris, London, New York. You name it, pizza’s there. If you needed that extra push to travel the world, this is it.

10. Pizza isn’t afraid to be adventurous with you.


Photo courtesy of @freshmen15 from Instagram

Whoever said pizza and fries aren’t a match made in heaven just never had the guts to try it. Pizza will travel off the beaten path with you to the adventurous side to try combinations you didn’t even believe were tasty.

11. Pizza will love you with its whole heart.


Photo courtesy of @kara_fisher from Instagram

There’s no better feeling than knowing that your best friend has unconditional love for you. With pizza, there is never a concern that it doesn’t love you because as long as you come back time and time again, you will always have pizza’s heart.

12. Pizza will hang out when you want a night in.


Photo courtesy of @lorena_lss from Instagram

Not in the mood to go out? No worries, pizza will stay in too. It doesn’t get much better than a fresh-out-of-the-oven homemade pie, if I do say so myself. Your night with your best friend pizza will make everyone else jealous #relationshipgoals.

13. Pizza will be there when you’re feeling indecisive.


Photo courtesy of @pizza from Instagram

Can’t decide on what carby food to devour? Don’t worry, that’s a very reasonable problem. And gentle pizza won’t make you choose. Want mac and cheese AND pizza tonight? Mac and cheese pizza coming right up.

At this point, it goes without saying that pizza fits all the criteria for the greatest friend. It makes sense that it was the #1 instagrammed food this year because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good insta with their BFF?