I've been toying with the idea of doing Whole 30 for months now. Realistically, I probably won't commit to it, because I'm vegetarian (so none of those lean meats) and love me some tofu (not allowed on Whole 30, because soy). But for those who do take the plunge, I hear snacking can be a challenge. So here's a round up of the 15 best Whole 30-approved snacks that can be found at your local Target.

1. Simply Balanced Creamy Cashew Butter

peanut butter, peanut, apple slice, Nut butter, almond butter, apples and peanut butter
Julia Gilman

The Simply Balanced line is perfect for snacking—you can dip just about anything into these nut butters for a filling, Whole 30 compliant treat. 

2. Larabar Lemon Bar

tea, chocolate, sweet
Isabel Burton

Most Larabars are approved (as long as you avoid the ones with chocolate), but the lemon flavor is my favorite. With just six ingredients, these bars are simple, but still pack a strong lemon flavor.


All but the ones with peanut butter work here, because peanuts are not allowed. Technically, RXBARs are listed as "emergency food" on the Whole 30-approved list, because they are often consumed as substitutes for candy bars etc. Basically, this means that the ingredients still comply, but the bars should be reserved for when you are on the go without access to other compliant foods. They shouldn't replace your breakfast.

4. Veggie Noodle Co. Spirals

These noodles make a great substitute for pasta in any dish, but can also be eaten raw as a snack to tide you through until dinner. I am partial to the sweet potato or beet spirals for snacking, versus the zucchini or butternut squash options for preparing in full meals.

5. Seaweed Rolls (stuffed with avocado and other veggies)

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Ashleigh Monaco

A creative take on sushi, these seaweed papers are primed and ready to be filled with any combination of veggies. Or add some raw fish and turn this snack into a satisfying lunch. I recommend adding some hot sauce to the mix (but not Sriracha, which contains added sugar).

6. Applegate Chicken & Maple Sausage Links

Yes, these are technically breakfast sausages. But you could also whip them up in the middle of the day if you're hoping to snack on some meat. I don't eat meat, I don't have this craving, but you know, you might.

7. Archer Farms Raw Almonds

nut, meat, almond, walnut, apricot pits
Christin Urso

Maybe it's just a me thing, but there's something about snacking on a handful of almonds that makes my body feel extra clean and energized. Archer farms isn't the only raw option at Target, but they're one of the brands most consistently offered across the country.

8. GoGo Squeez Applesauce

Applesauce isn't just for kids—these to-go packs can be thrown into your car, purse, or backpack for a pick-me-up fit for any age. Bonus points if you drink it all in one gulp.

9. Wholly Guacamole Snack Packs

These specifically portioned guacamole snack packs are the hero we all need—but maybe don't deserve. You could just eat the guac, or pair it with some veggies, or mix it up and throw it into some seaweed wraps.

10. Bare Apple Chips

These baked apple chips are dangerous. I could eat a whole not-single-serving bag in one sitting and barely notice; they're that airy and lovely. Throw an individual serving into your bag and you're ready to take on the day. Or pack the whole thing, I won't judge.

11. Santa Cruz Organic Apple Sauce

sweet, dairy product, jam, apple
Felice Segall

Apple sauce makes me sick, but for those who want another applesauce option to reminisce about your childhood snack time days, these sauce cups are the Whole 30 way to go. 

12. Justin's Classic Almond Butter Squeeze Packs

I never really understand why people eat plain nut butters, but if that's your thing then you should definitely know of Justin's by now. You can also spread these packs on other foods (apples, celery, etc.) if you'd prefer a little extra pizazz.

13. Oloves Olives

These olive packs are as adorable and tasty as they are cleverly named. Pitted green olives, seasoned with basil and garlic, packaged in an adorable to-go pack. Time to embrace the rise of Mediterranean snacks.

14. Market Pantry Frozen Fruit

Just some high quality bags of frozen fruit. These definitely aren't portable, but if you're snacking at home, pour yourself some in a bowl or just eat write out of the bag. 

15. Avocado with sea salt

avocado, vegetable, guacamole, sweet
Sarah Silbiger

Because Whole 30 is the epitome of millennials: trendy, more expensive, and short-term. Cut open an avocado, sprinkle on some sea salt, and mash the whole thing up with your fork. Indulge slowly, taking time to appreciate the baby boomer-infuriating treat. I've been known to make this one when I'm home from college, aka when I don't have to buy my own groceries.

Whole 30 is all about giving your body a fresh start—it's not meant to be easy. But having the right snacks to tide you over through the day could be the difference between giving into cheat-cravings and making it through the challenge.