Everybody loves Trader Joe's. But what's better than regular Trader Joe's? Holiday Trader Joe's. I'm talking peppermint, cranberry, and peppermint flavored everything. With so many holiday products in every corner of their store, it may be overwhelming to decide which delectable treat to try next. That's why I tried a whole bunch of their snacks and compiled this list of my favorite 15 Trader Joe's holiday items that you need to try ASAP.

Sydney Wan

This list is in order of the items I tried, not a ranking by any means. And without further ado, here are the items:

1. Dark Chocolate Minty Mallows

Sydney Wan

These suckers are one of my favorites. They are the perfect combination of rich, dark chocolate and minty marshmallow. They are cute and bite sized for ease of access into your mouth. These make perfect stocking stuffers or just a treat for yourself.

2. Peppermint Pretzel Slims

Sydney Wan

Something about slim pretzels makes them much more appetizing than regular pretzels. These pretzel slims are covered in a generous peppermint coating. They are such a delicious snack to munch on. I was lucky to snag one of the last bags, and it's only November.

3. Candy Cane Joe-Joe's

Sydney Wan

I would argue these are better than Oreo's. A cool peppermint creme lines these chocolate cookies, and even better, they come in a gluten free version. You seriously can't go wrong with these.

4. Candy Cane Joe-Joe's Ice Cream

Think cookies, but make it ice cream. This is the best of both worlds, and whoever came up with it is a genius. It tastes like a mix of cookies & cream and mint chocolate chip. So if you're like me and crave cool ice cream in the dead of winter, give it a try.

5. Peppermint Bark

Sydney Wan

This is a holiday classic. Sometimes you just crave that minty, chocolatey goodness, and TJ's peppermint bark does not disappoint. Plus, it comes in a festive tin.

6. Speculoos Cookie Butter Spread

Sydney Wan

I'm pretty sure they have this year-round, but, if there was ever a time to eat it, it would be now. Spiced cookie spread on toast? Sounds like a perfect snack or breakfast to me, and it comes in a crunchy version too.

7. Gingerbread Coffee

Sydney Wan

This coffee packs a punch with its spices. You immediately taste the warmth of cinnamon, and it almost reminds me of the (sadly discontinued) Starbucks Gingerbread Latte. I would say the coffee isn't that strong, but it sure does give you all of that holiday spice. At $7.99 for a whole canister, it is way cheaper than buying a coffee.

8. Almond Nog

Sydney Wan

The TJ's Almond Nog is so creamy and delicious, and it's perfect for those avoiding lactose. Trader Joe's offers a variety of eggnog options if you want to explore the others as well. This is an amazing treat on its own or mixed with other liquids.

9. Apple Cranberry Tart

I love this one. I heated mine up a bit before, but you could definitely enjoy it at room temperature as well. The apple cranberry filling had just the right amount of spice in it. This is great for breakfast, afternoon tea, or dessert. You must try this if you want a holiday pastry.

10. Cranberry Chèvre Goat Cheese

Sydney Wan

I'm a sucker for goat cheese, and this did not disappoint. This cheese was made sweet by the cranberries, and would be a great addition to any holiday charcuterie board.

11. Pistachio Pomegranate Crisps

Sydney Wan

I paired these with the above cranberry goat cheese, and they went together perfectly. The chewiness of the pomegranate paired nicely with the crispiness of the crackers and would complement a variety of spreads or cheeses.

12. Mini Dark Chocolate Mint Stars

Sydney Wan

This was my first time trying this classic Trader Joe's treat, and I was astonished at how good they were. They are cutely bite sized, and the mint flavor was not too overwhelming. This is definitely a MUST try this holiday season.

13. Sugar Plum Sparkling Beverage

A super refreshing drink on it's own, or it would be a great mixer if you are of age. Growing up, I would always drink Martinelli's for the holidays, and this is a great Trader Joe's alternative. As always, I love the aesthetic packaging.

14. Nantucket Style Cranberry Pie

I admit I was a little hesitant to try this at first, but I saw so many other glowing reviews, so I had to give it a try. I am so glad I did because it was unlike most pies I have tried. It was so delicious. It kind of reminds me of the Trader Joe's Kringle. There was a nice mix of tart and sweet, and it's so easy to prepare.

15. Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa Stirring Spoon (with mini marshmallows)

Sydney Wan

Last but not least, a hot chocolate product. I debated about putting TJ's Peppermint Hot Chocolate, but ultimately, I liked this better just because it makes a perfect stocking stuffer or add-on to any gift. All you have to do is add milk, and voila, you have a rich cup of hot cocoa (with mini marshmallows, of course)

Obviously, these are just a few amazing holiday products at Trader Joe's, but whether you are hosting a holiday party or just want some festive munchies for yourself, you won't be disappointed by these options.