1. Kimchi Pancakes from Atlas Eats


Photo by Bonnie Wu

Yes, you heard me correctly. Similar to scallion and chinese pancakes, these also have a savory twist. These bad boys are made with whole wheat flour, featuring korean fermented cabbage, topped with a poached egg and completed with a special “dragon” sauce. Whatever is in this sauce, it tastes amazing. Turns out you can have pancakes without needing to drench them in butter or syrup.

2. Garbage Plate from DogTown

Warming up on this chilly day with a #garbageplate #roceats #spoonfeed #eeeeeats

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DogTown is known for its quality and authenticity. While you can get a garbage plate from other places, this will be hands-down the best garbage plate experience in Rochester. You can even make it vegetarian here, and sub regular fries for sweet potato. Sorry Nick Tahoe’s, DogTown does the garbage plate better.

3. Mike’s Sandwich from Spot Coffee

Buffalove! ❤️ #spOtcoffee #artvoice #buffalo

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Come for breakfast, brunch, or even breakfast-for-dinner and get the The Mike’s Sandwich. It’s filled with cream cheese, melted provolone, and fried egg. While the combo of the two cheeses seems a bit questionable, your mouth buds will be pleasantly surprised by the deliciousness. You will not be disappointed. Can be made as a bagelwich or made with their soft focaccia bread.

4. Good Luck Burger from GoodLuck


Photo by Anthony Wan

For this one, you will need to bring one or two friends and your big appetites in order to finish this one pound burger. And what’s a burger without fries? Don’t worry, they don’t skimp on the fries, they know what’s up.

5. A Cookie The-Size-Of-Yo-Face at Java’s Cafe


Photo by Rebecca Block

For only two dollars, these accurately named cookies are a bargain. Sharing is unnecessary, and after one bite you won’t want to anyway . My personal favorite is the “health” cookie which has raisins, nuts and chocolate chips that mixes three cookie flavors in one.

6. Cannoli Pancake from Steve’s Diner


Photo by Isabelle Chu

A creative twist on the basic pancake that blends breakfast and dessert at the same time #feat. Don’t try to eat this all yourself, but treat it as dessert after you’ve had your “love cake” aka a pancake-the-size-of-two-of-your-faces starting at $2.50. So cheap there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get the cannoli pancake for dessert.

7. Mac and Cheese Pizza from Great Northern

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Great Northern Pizza slices are also The-Size-Of-Yo-Face for mad cheap. I don’t know about you, but what’s a better pizza topping than mac and cheese?

8. A Rack of Ribs from Dinosaur Barbeque

A messy meal is always the best kind of meal #vsco #VSCOcam #eeeeeats #barbeque #explorerochester

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These ribs will turn vegetarians, and keep meat lovers coming back for more. At Dino, messy is always acceptable, so dig in and get dirty. Cornbread and mac’n cheese on the side please.

9. Cheesecake Shake from Highland Park Diner

Rochacha diners have my heart. And all of my money

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Best diner milkshake in Rochester, hands down. Why settle for boring old vanilla or chocolate when you can get cheesecake in a milkshake?

10. Croque Monsieur from The Village Bakery & Cafe

Love having weekend brunch outside! Nomnom with @aaron_istic & MIL.

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Because brunch, poached eggs and cheese should go hand in hand.

11. Stuffed French Toast from Harvest Cafe

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The lightest french toast you’ll ever eat, with a fluffy vanilla filling, topped with fresh berries and whipped cream. Coming from a french toast lover, some restaurants just make them too syrupy and heavy, but here it is just right.

12. Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup from Magnolia’s Cafe

Obama ate it, so you should too.

13. Banana Bread French Toast from Jines

going bananas for Banana Bread French Toast ??

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I’m not sure who first thought it was a good idea to make french toast out of banana bread, but it is to die for.

14. Santeria Panini from Lovin’ Cup

Spinoff of a Cuban panini with pork, ham, Swiss cheese, BBQ sauce and mustard #VSCOcam #spoonfeed #eeeats

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Lovin’ Cup’s version of the Cuban with pork loin, ham, melted swiss cheese, dill pickles and homemade golden barbecue sauce. Their sweet potato waffle chips are a must-have side.

15. Any kind of Ice Cream from Pittsford Dairy

A little ice cream never killed nobody. ? #spoonfeed

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You can pick any flavor and be swept off of your feet. The kiddie size is already very generous, so don’t be deceived by the “regular” size. Most importantly, don’t forget to pick up some of their chocolate milk before you leave. It’s the real deal.