We are in some serious shock that October is behind us and November is upon us. But with the closing of each month comes another amazing roundup, so how could you complain? We laughed, we cried, we drooled, and we ate, so in honor of a great October, follow us on Instagram and as your reward, here are the absolute best #SpoonFeed pictures we saw all month.

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You know it’s a good one when they stuff the eggs with cheese.

Cookie dough Snickers bars. You know you want the recipe for this and other goodies you can make with your leftover Halloween candy, so here it is.

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Mac ‘n’ cheese, fried chicken, and avocado sushi. Be right back, brain is short circuiting from how amazing this looks.

A photo posted by Molly Tavoletti (@mollytavoletti) on

Is this not the most adorable tailgate food you’ve ever seen?

It wouldn’t be a best of October roundup if this pic didn’t make the cut. We’re still asking…how??

This picture is cropped intentionally so you can’t see our face positioned at the bottom of the plate to catch that chocolate drizzle directly in our mouths.

Lobster rolls may be out of season, but they’re replaced by lobster mac so we really can’t complain.

This flatbread is dope but we’re really just jealous about that backdrop. Not. Fair.

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This photo is just unforgettable. Amazing looking pastry, adorable puppy, and nutella. Mr. Susi please don’t get freaked out if you come to Spoon HQ and this picture is also framed on the wall.

  A photo posted by Ericca Smith (@smilees) on

This has been a long time coming, but Erica (aka @smilees), we officially crown you the Queen of Yolk Porn.

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This is an ice cream cake covered in Yodels®. And it’s homemade. Can you adopt us into your family, sisters?

Pasta so mesmerizing…you are feeling veeeerrryyy sleeeeepy.

Toasts are all the rage these days but we’ve never seen toasts like this. @thenotoriusmab you are really living up to your name.

Tex-Mex latkes. We’re preparing you for Hanukkah early this year.

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‘Cuz we like our sunny sides extra saucy.

Is it just us or is this the best roundup yet? You guys keep upping the ante every week and we love you so much for it. All there’s left to do is follow us on Instagram, kiss October goodbye and start getting pumped for Thanksgiving. No, it’s not too early.