There are those people who can’t function without a healthy dosage of bacon and eggs first thing in the morning, and there are those who prefer to reject the fact that breakfast is the first meal of the day and consume dessert instead.

Those people are called donut lovers and we 100% approve of their lifestyle. This week’s #SpoonFeed is dedicated to the donut connoisseurs out there who know their stuff when it comes to our favorite morning treat.

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Because bacon deserves a place in breakfast no matter what.

Girl Scouts of America, this is a Samoa donut. You might have to step up your game.

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We’re always a sucker for a good ol’ homemade donut. Check out this recipe if you, too want to make homemade donuts like a boss.

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In a glass case of donut-wanting emotion.

We’re always after @goodiesbygoodman’s Lucky Charms.

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As @grubshotsnyc says, “Less snow more Dough.” We’re pretty sure everyone in the Northeast will agree.

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This dulce de leche donut clearly doesn’t mind being the center of attention.

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Glazed to perfection.

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This brown butter donut is potentially our most favorite application of brown butter ever. Potentially second to this nutella-stuffed brown butter pie.

This photo basically proves @rcorrera has the best taste in dessert ever.

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No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. This is a pulled pork donut sandwich with bourbon chipotle sauce, smoked kimchi, cheese sauce and bacon. Holey moley.

Golden Brown Delicious, or GBD for short, is revolutionizing the donut scene in our Nation’s Capitol. Read more about this ridiculous donut and fried chicken joint here.

We’ll take them all, k thanks.

The most appropriate St. Patty’s breakfast.

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This is a cronut, but semantics schmantics.

Well if this wasn’t enough reason to immediately vacate your current seat and go pick up a donut, well… you have an immaculate sense of self-restraint. Props to all the great photographers this week and keep tagging your food porny pics with #SpoonFeed!

In case you’re still looking to up your daily dosage of donuts: