There's always that one annoying person on the plane pressing their flight attendant button requesting one more bag of pretzels. "Excuse me" as they wave the flight attendant over, leaning their body into your personal bubble, "...can I get another bag of pretzels." Ah what an amateur asking for bags of pretzels when they could have brought their own snacks. Okay, so that was me every time I was on the plane. Then I started flying to college and home during breaks and realized I needed to get my s#*! together. After realizing I was that annoying seat partner on the plane, I came up with a "go-to" list of satisfying snacks for when I'm on the fly!  

1. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Whether your flight is an hour long or seven hours long this will taste good whenever you're hungry. Not so much of a PB&J type of flyer? Totally okay! There are so many great little sandwiches like avocado and turkey, or nutella and banana you can bring on the go instead, and it will still be good! Really though, simple a sandwich is an easy last minute meal you can make before your flight and it will keep you so satisfied until you land. 

2. Fruit and Veggies

The one thing I always have in my backpack when I'm getting ready to fly is an apple and sliced carrots. One, I don't need to peel it, two it's not messing, and three it is super easy to slice, bag, and go. These super convenient and healthy snacks are my go to, take along for the ride nibbles.  Best part about them is they don't take up a lot of space. 

3. Bars

I love bars. Kind Bars, Larabars, Square Bars, and of course Perfect Bars. There are so many to choose from, and again take up little room. You can always pack so many of them to have enough for the flight back too! No matter how long or short my flight is, I always have a stash of bars with me

4. Trail Mix

Trail mix is a great snack to bring as you can make your own or get your favorite mix of nuts and fruit from good old Trader Joe's. It's the perfect snack you can pick at when you're bored or when you're starting to feel those mile high munchies.

5. Crackers  

When I fly I always bring some crackers. Pita chips, pretzels, graham crackers or wheethins are normally bagged in a little ziplock with me incase I am in the mood for something salty, sweet and crunchy.

6. Hummus

Of course if I am going to pack some crackers I will need to pack myself some lunch size hummus to dip my crackers in. BUT REALLY, these small packed hummus dips are great to bring on the plane. They keep you full and are a super easy thing to bring along in your carry on. 

7. Jerky

When you're traveling, packing jerky is a great snack to have on hand because it will keep you full and everyone loves it. Jerky also comes in so many different flavors and styles that I am pretty sure you can find a type everyone will like. 

8. String Cheese

String Cheese is an easy snack you can pop in your bag and it goes with everything else you packed: apples, crackers, and jerky. It is a super simple food that will keep you staying happy. Plus, I'm pretty sure string cheese is one of the best snack because you can put it with so many different foods, or have it by itself and it's just as tasty.

9. Yogurt

Yogurt is one of my favorite go to travel snacks. It is always satisfying, and like a desert. Top it with some apples and trail mix and you've got yourself an entire meal. This go to snack is super easy to travel with and a great source of nutrition. Note about traveling with yogurt: make sure to put it in a zip lock baggie in case it opens, or you can get it after going through security. 

10. Don't forget that empty water bottle.

Don't forget your empty water bottle! Traveling with a water bottle is always a smart thing to do. If you fill it up before you get on the plane you will never get thirsty. Keeping hydrated is so important, so remember the WATER BOTTLE.  

Packing to travel can be a rough one, but with this list of snacks, what even is the struggle when you know what you're going to eat?