When people think about vending machines, they think of candy, drinks, and cold gross coffee. Today, millennials care more about the food quality and how fast they can get it. It seems like more and more vending machines are popping up all over the world that serve customers higher quality food and drinks, so here are just a few of our favorites.



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This vending machine is something you need to try if you ever are in Chicago. This might be the only vending machine with a five-star rating on Yelp.



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What do you do when you’re craving caviar in Los Angeles? Head to a caviar vending machine of course. The prices start at five dollars and go all the way up to 500 dollars, because who doesn’t have that lying around?

Pecan Pie


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Sometimes you don’t have enough time to make it to the bakery before it closes. In Ceder Creek, Texas, you can get a baked pecan pie from Berdoll Pecan Farm right outside of their store for $17.50.

Fresh Eggs


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Currently, these farm fresh eggs are only available in Japan and California. Farm stands are a thing of the past, these machines are set up on the side of the road by local farmers.



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In Europe, Let’s Pizza serves 10.5″ fresh pizza pies for only six dollars. All by itself, this machine kneads the dough, sauces your pizza, and places the toppings all in under three minutes.



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In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to get a bottle of wine, all you need to do it swipe your ID, look into a camera, and blow into a sensor at an Enomatic machine.



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When you have a layover on your flight in Moscow, try their burgers in the Sheremetyevo international airport.

Hot Dogs


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These vending machines are popping up across United States Baseball fields. Because going to a baseball game without eating a hot dog, just isn’t the same.



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So far these cupcake vending machines are only in Beavery Hills and Chicago. They are open 24 hours, your midnight munchies will never go unsatisfied.

French Fries


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We have to give credit to the dutch for this amazing invention. This machine deep-fries potato strips and serves them with mayonnaise, curry, and ketchup in less than two minutes.



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These machines originated in Europe but are now being put in professional sports stadiums across America. The Minnesota Twins is the first team to have these machines. Customers first need to show an ID to buy a prepaid debit card, then they are free to visit these vending machines whenever they please.

Make-Your-Own Ice Cream


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This vending machine, located in the United States, creates an easy way for you to try 96 different flavors of ice cream.

Cotton Candy


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Insert your coin, press start, and watch this automatic cotton candy machine create you a yummy snack in under seventy seconds.



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Your favorite game as a kid has now changed a little.  If you are in Las Vegas, for two dollars, you can try to claw yourself a lobster. If you’re lucky and catch the lobster the restaurant will cook it for you.



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The Burritobox is the world’s first burrito vending machine, introduced in 2015. Its first location was in the Mobil station in West Hollywood. The machine works like a Redbox where there’s an interactive screen to pick out your flavors. The burritos cost only three dollars and contain no hormones, no antibiotics, and cage-free eggs.