Maybe you’re a star runner, or perhaps heavy breathing, sore muscles, and too much sweat more accurately describe your running experiences. Either way, I think we can agree that running is a million times more fun when you’re doing it at a stunning location, over an interesting obstacle, or while wearing an absolutely ridiculous outfit.

Now that school is out for summer it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll be occupying your days. You can officially be spending less time stressing over your term paper and more time basking in the sun. So, check out these awesome themed races that are taking place all across North America this summer.

1. New York Underwear Run


Photo courtesy of NYC Triathlon

This 1.7-mile fun run takes place in Central Park every year. So, get ready to strip off your expensive running gear and show off your favourite underwear, because this run takes over NYC on July 22, 2016.

2. 5K Foam Fest


Photo courtesy of @GSato on Flickr

Described as a “funcore” run, this race promises to be fun for experienced and beginner runners. The obstacles vary by city, but foam, mud and water are always promised. 5K Foam Fest is taking place in cities across Canada all throughout the summer, so check out the closest stop and be ready to get foamy.

3. The Colour Run


Photo courtesy of @ChrisPhutully on Flickr

The Colour Run is a race with only two rules; wear white at the starting line, and finish plastered in colour. This 5 kilometre, untimed event takes place in over 200 cities. Start researching which stop you can make it to and add a little colour to your summer.

4. Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend

If running isn’t your thing, maybe the happiest place on earth can change that for you. The Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend takes place September 3rd and 4th, 2016, and has three races to choose from. There is a half marathon, 10k, and 5k down Main Street. U.S.A will keep you sweating all weekend. Time to start booking your tickets to Anaheim.

5. Electric Run


Photo courtesy of @SPakhrin on Flickr

If a classic 5k and a rave had a baby the result would be the Electric Run. This event promises loud music for the entire course, and cool wearable LED bracelets that sync up with the music and other racers. It’s a glowing light show that’s making stops across the U.S. this summer.

6. NYC Pizza Run


Photo courtesy of NYC Pizza Run

Sorry to say this, but if pizza isn’t a good enough motivator to participate in a 2 mile run, you might just be hopeless. The seventh edition of this annual race takes place in Manhattan and requires runners to eat three slices of New York’s famous food at checkpoints throughout the course. Clear your September schedule because a cheese-filled race definitely seems needed.

7. Zombie Run

Although currently only scheduled for stops in Florida and Georgia, the original zombie-infested race plans to visit 16 cities this summer. As a runner of this 5k, it is your task to outrun the undead chasers who will try their best to grab your health flags. If creepy is your style, this race may just be the way to go.

8. Insane Inflatable 5K


Photo courtesy of @goofymatt on Instagram

Get ready to run and bounce your way to victory. Each location of the race is different, so the obstacles you can encounter while traversing the inflatable 5k will always differ. This summer, cities all across Canada and the U.S.A are turning into bounce-filled courses for runners of all skill level.

9. Tough Mudder


Photo courtesy of @donds on Flickr

Odds are you’ve probably heard of this one. It’s 10-12 miles of mud and obstacles designed to test your physical fitness. This summer, Tough Mudder is coming to cities all across North America. So, gather your friends who don’t mind getting a little dirty and take your team to the finish line.

10. Fredericton Beer Run


Photo by Daniel Schuleman

Need some extra motivation to finish your race? Just think about the beer waiting for you at the finish line. On August 1st, this New Brunswick race lets you run 4km, 6km or 12km. Then you get to sample some beers.

11. Not Since Moses


Photo courtesy of Len Wagg

If picturesque is more your style check out Five Islands, Nova Scotia on August 21st. Runners do this east coast course while the tides out, running on the muddy seabed. Due to the tide’s time constraints, those who choose to walk the course are only permitted to do the 5km course. However, the runners can choose to do the 5km or 10km section.

12. Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge


Photo courtesy of @micadew on Flickr

Based off of the show Wipeout, this race and obstacle course is coming to America’s east and west coasts this summer. The game show-inspired course encourages creating teams and dressing up in your best costumes for the event.

13. The Super Run


Photo courtesy of @thesuperrun on Instagram

Suit up for a good cause as The Super Run makes stops all across the U.S.A this summer. This 5k running event teams up with non-profit organisations in every city they visit. Check out if they’re coming near you so you have an excuse to break out that badass cape.

14. Bad Ass Dash


Photo courtesy of BADASS dash on Facebook

Let’s talk about the best part of this race first, there’s a division that lets you bring your dog with you. Bad Ass Dash is another event that combines the endurance of a race with the challenges of an obstacle course, and this time you can bring your furry best friend. Maybe it’s a sign I’m turning into a crazy dog lady, but this is convincing me to schedule a trip to one of the many cities that the Bad Ass Dash is visiting this summer.

15. Bay To Breakers


Photo courtesy of @BhautikJoshi on Flickr

The 2016 instalment of this event has passed, but no race list would be complete without it. This 12k race through San Francisco starts at the bay and heads west to Ocean Beach. Bay to Breakers has been known to attract people in varying degrees of nudity and outrageous costumes.