If you're reading this, I'm guessing that you haven't bought a gift for your mom yet. I was raised by two moms, which means double the Mother's Day gifts, so I like to consider myself an expert on buying Mother's Day gifts on a budget. A far cry from the cliché card and flowers, these 15 last minute Mother's Day gift ideas are sure to make her smile (and all for $30 or fewer).

For the mom who likes mom-specific gifts:

1. Best Mom Ever mug from Paper Source

This mug, pictured on the lower left of this Instagram post, is cute, flowery, and classic, perfect for any mom who likes her morning tea or coffee. The gold detailing reminds your mom that beyond being the best mom ever, she deserves drinkware suited for a queen. At only $12.95, you could spring for the matching trinket dish, which retails for $14.95, and still stay under $30. 

2. Best Mom Ever Air Freshener from Front Porch Boutique

Okay, so you might be seeing a theme for this first set of gifts, but it can't hurt to remind your mom that she is the best one out there. At only $8.99, this delicate, colorful air freshener from Front Porch Boutique is the perfect complement to another gift (and it might even counteract the odor of all the Chipotle you eat in your mom's car, too).

3. Silver engraved spoons for Mom from LeBreux on Etsy

You can find stainless steel spoons similar to the one pictured above with engravings perfect for mom from the Etsy shop LeBreux. The shop makes spoons with custom stamps, but they also have ones ready to go with phrases from "souper mom!" to "mom, I love you a latte" for $9.99. 

4. Assorted mom towels from Primitives by Kathy on Amazon

True to theme, these towels sold by the Amazon retailer Primitives by Kathy have messages to Mom in fonts that look so much like handwriting that you could've painted the towels yourself. From "You're the Mom Everyone Wishes They Had" to "Home is Where Your Mom Is" and more, there's a towel for every mom. I've linked the whole retailer rather than the individual towels here; the towels all are available on Amazon Prime for $7-12. 

5. Powered by coffee and sarcasm shirt from Hens & Chicas

This witty graphic t-shirt, which is overly relatable during finals period for me but is likewise even more relatable for busy moms, is perfect for her to wear while she enjoys her Mother's Day brunch. This soft, tailored shirt comes in sizes small to extra-large in both gray and green for $22. 

For the mom who likes to cook:

6. Lavender pie bird and matching mini round cocottes from Le Creuset

Technically, La Creuset calls this color "provence," which is very French, but I thought lavender was a better descriptor for this spring set. The set comes in a myriad of colors and includes cocottes of all sizes for stews, casseroles, pies, and more. This mini (and affordable!) one is a perfect gift for only $20. Show mom you appreciate all of the pies she might make in the cocotte with the matching pie bird for $13.

7. Gaby Dalkin's This is EverythingAll Things Meat, and Go-To seasoning blends from Williams Sonoma

Californian chef and food blogger Gaby Dalkin created three seasoning blends exclusively for Williams Sonoma that make flavoring Mom's favorite dishes super convenient. One retails for $10.95, or you can buy a set of two for $18.95. Perhaps better yet, if you can't decide whether the onion and garlic flavors of the 'This is Everything' or the smoky kick of the 'All Things Meat' seasoning is more appealing, you can mix and match. 

8. Retro recipe cards from Rifle Paper Co.

Rifle Paper Co. makes cards that the company calls "herb garden" specifically for recipes. Perfect for when you're feeling a little retro, give your mom a gift that she might have given her own mom by buying her this springy and timeless gift for only $12. If you're lucky, she might even write a recipe or two down for you.

9. Cooking for Jeffrey by Ina Garten

Although she doesn't have any children of her own, Ina Garten is like a mom to all of us who watch her loyally. Cooking for Jeffrey, which you can get on Amazon Prime in hardcover for around $18, has quickly become a staple cookbook with recipes for every meal.

10. The Great British Bake Off: Perfect Cakes and Bakes to Make at Home by Linda Collister 

While on the theme of cookbooks, check out this compilation of recipes based on the hit TV baking competition The Great British Bake Off. If your mom likes to make baked goods like these rolls made by contestants under the tent, the recipes in this book will surely make her almost as happy as Mary Berry. Get it from Amazon prime for around $22

For the mom who likes the finer things:

11. Coffee milk scented candles from Stock Culinary Providence 

A coffee milk scented candle would sit perfectly on any mom's side table or desk. Stock Culinary Providence is a boutique shop near my school, but these candles that basically smell like the Rhode Island staple are available online for only $12 each.

12. Harney & Sons Fine Teas 'Treat for Mom' Set

Harney & Sons makes full-bodied, artisanal teas that are packaged in ornate rectangular boxes. The Mother's Day gift set comes with their unique Peach Ginger Twist black tea, a back of creamy dark chocolate truffles, traditional shortbread, and hydrating lip balm, all for $22.95. Everything mom needs to feel pampered. 

13. Farfalle pasta necklace from Saffron and Saege on Etsy

One of my moms is Italian, so we make a lot of "bow tie" pasta, otherwise known as farfalle, in my house. This delicate necklace comes plated in shiny gold, matte gold, or silver and is available from this adorable Etsy shop for $13. They also sell pendants of other foods like apples and pretzels.

14. Food-inspired body butter from Sweet Body Treats

Sweet Body Treats makes luscious, natural whipped body butters inspired by sweets from fruit loops to black raspberry vanilla to cotton candy and more. You can even create a custom scent for the shea butter base for your mom if there's another scent she might prefer, for only $15.50. 

15. Oliver Kita Fine Chocolates

Oliver Kita is a fine chocolatier located in the Hudson Valley Region of New York in a small town just next to my hometown. Oliver Kita makes delicious, organic chocolate bars and chocolates with fillings ranging from cognac creme brulee to salted caramel. The company was rated as one of the top 10 chocolatiers in the United States in 2015, but they've always been number one for my mom. I've linked the gifts for under $25 section so that you can choose the type of chocolate your mom likes best.

It's not too late to get your mom an original gift for Mother's Day for under $30. I hope that these last-minute Mother's Day gift ideas for your mom–whether your mom likes mom-specific gifts, enjoys cooking, or simply appreciates the finer things in life–have inspired you to move beyond the basic (and tired) last-minute Mother's Day gift of flowers and a card.