A friend whose passion for food goes above and beyond the average human’s love of food is the best friend of all. They know that chips and queso are always a good idea and their life mantra is extra fries > exercise. Not to mention that they know all the best places to order food from and you trust their food opinions. It’s safe to say that, thanks to your foodie BFF, you never go hungry. Luckily for you, I’ve cooked up 12 delicious “just because” gifts that your foodie bestie will totally eat up. 

1. Edible® Donuts

Edible Arragements

These Edible® Donuts from Edible Arrangements are a delicious and adorable way to treat your BFF. Each slice of crisp Granny Smith apple is dipped in gourmet semisweet chocolate, decorated with a colorful chocolate glaze and topped with festive sprinkles. Yum!

2. Churros T-Shirt

Jojo Kaleido / Kaleido Design Co. - Etsy

If your bestie is obsessed with churros, they’ll adore this Churros T-Shirt. The hand-drawn illustration features yummy churros designed in the Adidas-style logo and is the cutest addition to any outfit. 

3. Fleece Tacos Blanket and Slipper Set

Angelina / Amazon

Taco ‘bout awesome! Totally worthy of a fiesta, this adorable fleece Tacos Blanket and Slipper Set will let your BFF have a little fun while they siesta. 

4. Strawberries and Cream Bath Bomb


With the sweet, fizzy scent of strawberries and a hydrating dose of fair trade cocoa and moisturizing shea butter, this Strawberries and Cream Bath Bomb is everything your best friend needs to feel fresh and fruity while relaxing in the bath.

5. Pizza Socks 

Pizza Socks Box

Delivered in packaging in the shape of a traditional pizza box, you’ll definitely surprise your pizza-loving friend with the contents of this Pizza Socks Box. These pizza socks are cozy, fun, and sure to guarantee lots of laughter. 

6. Mug Cake Kit

Magic Mug Kit / Betty Crocker

Mug cakes are the perfect gift for when your BFF wants to satisfy their sweet tooth. These single-serve Betty Crocker Mug Treats are made in the microwave for an anytime indulgence that’s as easy as they are delicious. 

7. Chinese Takeout Box Crossbody

Amazon./ USTYLE

Takeout never looked so cute. With this novel statement Chinese Takeout Box Crossbody, your bestie will be able to carry all of their essentials. 

8. Eau de Juice 100% Chilled Eau de Parfum


Blame it on the juice, but definitely take all the credit for sending your BFF the Eau de Juice 100% Chilled Eau de Parfum by Cosmopolitan. This cozy scent will have your BFF feeling like they’re all wrapped up in a warm cashmere blanket. 

9. BFF Necklaces

Aiste Pogen / ClayCreationsForEver

If your best friend is the queso to your chips, then these BFF Necklaces are the perfect gift. Plus, it’s an adorable reminder to show them how much they mean to you.

10. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

Ben & Jerry's

Dreams really “dough” come true with these Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites from Ben & Jerry’s. If your bestie is a cookie dough enthusiast, they’ll love these delish and super addicting snackable dough bites.

11. Sprinkle Donuts Coaster Set

Laurence Abensour / Amber Edison

All food lovers absolutely need this Sprinkle Donuts Coaster Set. A great gift for the home, these fun and bright coasters will add just the right whimsical touch to your BFF’s living room. 

12. Baguette Pillow


Forget the standard body pillow—your bestie will fall in love with this Baguette Pillow. Soft as a fresh loaf of bread, your bestie will enjoy cuddling up with this cozy pillow. 

I hope your foodie BFF enjoys these deliciously adorable gifts!