Whether you know him from his role as host of the show "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" on Food Network, or you've just seen him on the internet a lot, everyone is in agreement that Guy Fieri is an icon, legend, hero, etc. If you have a special person in your life who has a major obsession with Guy, this list is your go-to for finding a meaningful, heartfelt gift for them.   

1. This Dope Sticker

Image courtesy of SheebsCO

A great way to spice up a laptop, water bottle, notebook, and whatever else your Guy-loving heart desires. You'll be bound to get endless compliments no matter where you stick this baby. 

2. This Life-Size Cutout

Coming in at 5 feet 10 inches, and weighing a lot less than the real Guy Fieri, this cardboard cutout is a perfect present for anyone who wants to take their GF passion to the next level. For those who don't have $79.97 (plus shipping) to drop, a mini cutout can be purchased for a more reasonable price. 

3. The Iconic Flame Shirt

Steal his legendary look. I can guarantee you'll stop traffic and break hearts while rocking this snazzy bowler shirt. Bonus points if you add what Amazon refers to as a "Celebrity Chef" wig and goatee (so discrete!). Just pretend you weren't aware that Guy actually isn't a huge fan of the shirt

4. These Finger-Licking Wing Sauces

Just when I thought wings couldn't get any better, I found out that Guy has his own line of sauces and dips. This combo pack keeps things lively with Korean BBQ, Habanero Mustard, and Buffalo NY flavored sauces. An extra bonus (not that we really needed one) is that these bottles include "Off Da Hook" recipes to use. 

5. This CD of Tunes Hand-picked by the Man Himself 

Yes, you heard me. This "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Road Songs That Rock" CD is packed with songs that Guy has given the ultimate stamp of approval. Jam out to hits like Sweet Home Alabama and The Boys are Back in Town and feel like you're taking a drive to Flavor Town in Guy's convertible. 

6. This Incredible Pin

Photo courtesy of IdolLeisure

This handmade pin is sure to brighten up any backpack or article of clothing it is placed on. The pin features an illustration of Guy with the inviting message "Welcome to Flavor Town." Brb while I order this for every important person in my life. 

7. These Fantastic Socks

Photo courtesy of D O'Donnell of TipsyTz

With photos of an enthused Guy Fieri covering your feet, there is no way you're not living your best life. I think it's safe to say we all wish we owned at least one pair of these. 

8. This Essential Book

This book features interesting restaurant profiles, tasty recipes, quality photos, and fun anecdotes relating to Guy's hit Food Network show. Guy actually has a few DDD-related books, but this one really stood out to me because of its title, "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: The Funky Finds in Flavor Town: America's Classic Joints and Killer Comfort Foods." Try saying that five times fast. 

9. These Lavish Coffee Pods

Cup of joe? More like cup of Guy. There is probably no better way to start your morning than drinking coffee made from a "Flavortown Roasts" Keurig pod. Flavors range from classic ("Diner Blend") to a little more kooky (think "Hot Fudge Brownie" and "Caramel Apple"). 

10. A Gift Card to His NYC Restaurant

Take some time to enjoy a wholesome family dinner or a romantic date night over apps such as Pretzel Chicken Tenders and Dragon-Chili Cheese Fries. Guy's American Kitchen and Bar is located in Times Square and is open all seven days of the week. 

11. Any of These Legendary Posters

Photo courtesy of ShawnintheLawn

Okay seriously though, these are all iconic for their own reasons. Looking for minimalistic art? One of these keeps it simple with just Guy and a hot dog. For all the animal lovers out there, a majestic Guy-raffe poster is available. There is also a poster which creates a beautiful marriage between Guy and the illuminati. Last but not least, if you consider yourself a big music fan, you have to go with the poster with a clever play on Joy Division

12. This Precious Patch

Photo courtesy of Olivia Gehrke of DumpstrART

This is for your friend who tries to keep their love of Guy on the down low. With a cutesy little hot dog and hand-embroidered lettering, this is probably the least in-your-face GF gift one can receive. Stick this patch on a jean jacket as a fashionable homage. 

13. Minute to Win It Xbox 360 Game

I don't think we discuss the fact that Guy hosted an NBC gameshow enough. The Xbox game contains fun challenges to complete, but more importantly has a cartoon avatar of Guy. Bring this to the next party you're invited to as a fast way to befriend literally everybody there. 

14. This Sick Beanie

Be a trendsetter with this knit hat adorned with a beautiful pastel image of Guy holding tongs. This is incredibly perfect for the wintertime (it makes a fantastic holiday present), but frankly, I would rock this every and any season of the year. 

15. This Awesome Phone Case

The final stop on our Guy gift tour is this glorious piece of plastic. It features Guy in his signature flame shirt striking a signature pose. Funkalicious! Everyone will be trying to get your digits when you've got a phone case like that. 

Who needs Santa's workshop when you have this list? Gift purchasing should now be a piece of cake (preferably a piece of cake that is delicious and was featured on "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives"). May your holiday season be filled with love, happiness, and plenty of Guy Fieri.