Not many people admit it, but holiday shopping sucks when you want all the gifts you’re buying for other people. Since you’ve been so generous lately, we think you deserve a little somethin’ somethin’ for yourself. None of the following gifts will break the bank, but all of them will make your life a little easier, happier and more fun. (If you’re still looking for gifts for others, hurry up! Click here for 20 gifts for food lovers under $25 and here for the perfect gifts for your family. More gifts from Fancy can be found here.)

Red cup shot glasses, for “drinking in moderation.” Ceramic red cup shot classes – 4 for $10

Mugs that wake up with coffee, even if you don’t. Heat-sensitive day and night mug – $14

Another kitchen gadget you didn’t know you needed (but you do). Snap-on strainer – $6

A titanium spork for when you’re confused. Titanium spork – $12

 Trade in your bulky measuring cups for this puppy. Measures both dry and liquid ingredients. Adjust-a-cup measuring cup – $11

If you don’t have time to chalk a masterpiece on your mug every morning, the black matte looks cool anyway. Ceramic chalkboard mug – $12

Because this would make it way cooler to eat Ben & Jerry’s out of the container. Finger spoons – 4 for $10

Shot on top, chaser at the bottom. Magic. Shot and chaser glass – $10

If you hate huge, bulky colanders as much as we do, you’ll really appreciate this flat one. Sinkstation flat colander – $13

A solution to all those times you wish you had three hands. Plastic party tray – 21 plates for $28

Hey, I think you’re due for a new phone case. Ice cream sandwich for iPhone – $16


A Keurig coffee brewer? Less than $16?? Actually, it’s free, if you win it. Enter to win a Keurig from Spoon, here

Now you really don’t have an excuse to avoid eating vegetables in college. Microwave bag cooker – $16

An essential item for every college student. Safety first! Wine & soda drinking helmet – $15

The perfect (innocent) prank to get back at your dorm RA. Ice cream door stop – $15

For badass chronic beer drinkers. Bottle opener ring – $5