The Cheesecake Factory is synonymously iconic for its slices of cheesecake and for the inevitable bloated feeling you'll have after leaving your booth. Some people go here just for the cheesecake, but I'm here to recommend 15 foods you have probably never ordered. Next time you visit The Cheesecake Factory, switch it up and try out some of these dishes. 

1. Korean Fried Cauliflower

Weichen Yan

This fried cauliflower isn't something you'd typically order at a regular restaurant, let alone one of the foods you have never ordered at Cheesecake. It's delicious, crispy, slightly spicy, and will leave you wanting more than just an app.

2. Buffalo Blasts

These stuffed spicy wonton wrappers are filled with chicken, cheese, and buffalo sauce — you'll be full before your main course even arrives.

3. Chicken, Mango, and Avocado Salad

Though a salad isn't typically the entree you'd order at Cheesecake, this one makes it worth it. However, don't think you're getting a small or light meal, because it's topped with chicken, mango, avocado, and pineapples.

4. Avocado Toast

Yes, it's just as basic as the restaurant itself, but if you're in the mood for something lighter and more simple, you can find it in this toast.

5. Vegan Cobb Salad

Vegans, this one's for you! The Cheesecake Factory has options from every cuisine, but also options for every type of diet. This salad comes with grilled asparagus, green beans, roasted beets, avocado, cucumbers, tomatoes, garbanzo beans, quinoa, farro, and nuts — perfect for a vegan who wants a full array of toppings.

6. BBQ Chicken Pizza

I bet you didn't even know that The Cheesecake Factory had pizza. The BBQ Chicken seems like a winner, with smoked gouda, bbq sauce, chicken, and red onions.

7. Mac & Cheese Burger

If you don't like cheese, don't try this burger. But for the mac and cheese fanatics, you can't go wrong with this burger topped with gooey, cheesey goodness. 

8. Chicken Parm Sandwich 

The classic just got better in sandwich form, as its topped with even more cheese and served with fries. The perfect combination for a filling meal thats bursting with flavor.

9. Spicy Chicken Chipotle Pasta 

Honey glazed chicken, asparagus, peppers, garlic, onions — all served in a spicy chipotle parmesan cream sauce that delivers enough heat for spice fans, but enough cream to balance it out for those who don't. 

10. Cajun Jambalaya Pasta 

A classic southern dish, this may not be the first pasta you'd look to, but it's a good option for a twist on a classic, and you can also get it served over rice if you're not a linguine fan.

11. Hibachi Steak 

You really can get any food you want at The Cheesecake Factory, and this is surely an option that you have never ordered here before. This hibachi steak is as good as the stuff you'd get from the Japanese restaurant.

12. Chicken Bellagio

The fancy name may confuse some, but this dish is surprisingly simple, yet still slightly upscale. Crispy chicken over basil pasta with parmesan cream sauce, and topped with a prosciutto for a salty kick. Yum!

13. Chicken and Biscuits 

You really can't go wrong with this option. Whether you're having brunch in the south or not, it's definitely worth it.

14. Thai Coconut-Lime Chicken 

A tropical twist on chicken, this is definitely a little-known speciality that you should try the next time you go to The Cheesecake Factory. 

15. Fried Chicken and Waffles Benedict 

Yes, The Cheesecake Factory does have brunch, and yes, it is delicious. A Belgian waffle topped with crispy chicken strips, poached eggs, hollandaise, and served with maple-butter syrup — this is the perfect cure for a hangover. 

So the next time you hit up The Cheesecake Factory, go for more than a slice of cheesecake, but don't forget to finish with one.