New England, although known for its fresh seafood and maple syrup, has a bounty of delicious, and somewhat quirky food to offer. Some foods have been replicated in chains across the country or recreated with a twist, but nothing can beat a classic New England meal made of peculiar (and very tasty) food. Visitors may think some of these combinations are a little odd, but for the natives, these are food things from the New England you'll only understand if you've lived there.

1. Lobster Rolls with Butter

New England is home to the classic lobster roll. While many menus offer lobster rolls with mayonnaise, another equally, if not more delicious choice, is lobster mixed with melted butter. This way the creaminess doesn't take away from the pure lobster flavor.

2. Whoopie Pies Up the Wazoo

Not much can get better than a chocolate cake sandwich filled with marshmallow cream. The official state treat of Maine, some businesses are making a variety of flavors like chocolate chip, red velvet, and pumpkin pie. Recently, they've become so popular throughout the states, however, that even Starbucks offers them.

3. Beantown's Namesake Dish

A cookout wouldn't be complete without these, nor would a traditional New England breakfast. Baked beans, although they do more than just fill you up, are a Boston classic.

4. Whole Belly or No Belly 

When ordering fried clams, with tartar sauce, of course, the most important decision is whole belly or strips. Loyal New Englanders swear by whole belly, even if they get a bite or two of sand in their meal. 

5. Milk with Coffee

This isn't morning coffee with a splash of milk; it's milk and a coffee syrup. Named the Official State Drink of Rhode Island, coffee milk is best made with the most well-known coffee syrup brand, Autocrat. It's basically the grown-up version chocolate milk.

6. Blueberry Picking Provides a Meal

Signs for U-Pick blueberry farms are everywhere during the summer. Even though the farmers ask the pickers not to eat while in the fields, it's just to hard to resist snacking on the sweet bounties.

7. Cheese and Pie 

apple pie, pie
Jocelyn Hsu

Just as you bite into a warm apple pie, something savory and sharp hits your mouth. Made with local cheddar cheese and freshly picked applies, this unique combination is a actually quite delicious.

8. Bread in a Can 

While the East Coast has no shortage of bakeries, B&M provides a New England staple, brown bread in a can. The bread pops right out and can be toasted and buttered, or topped with B&M baked beans and a hot dog for a hearty meal.

9. They're Not Called Sprinkles

chocolate, cream, candy, cake, sweet, sprinkles, goody, pastry
Torey Walsh

You can't ask for sprinkles on your ice cream if you're visiting the New England. Locals know their ice cream toppers as jimmies. However, according to Thrillist, some believe the term developed out of racism, while other rumors point to men named Jimmy or James who created the delectable topping in a sweet treat factory. So use at your own discretion, or stick to whatever else you call them.  

10. Apple Picking and Donuts

Apple picking provides more than just pie filling. The best orchards use their apples for cider, which they then use in doughnuts sold at their gift stores. Nothing beats the smell of freshly fried sweet treats to enjoy after (or before) picking.

11. Dunkin' Donuts Reigns Supreme

milk, coffee, tea, ice, cream, sweet
Jacqueline Canino

In elementary school, every snack time and birthday celebration had a 25-box of munchkins. In high school, everyone brings their DD coffee in the morning. Even if it's snowing and 20 degrees, iced drinks find a hand warmer in the hot styrofoam cups.

12. Lemonade From the Freezer

A combination of lemonade and a slushie, Del's Frozen Lemonade is a popular summer treat in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. Made with the simple ingredients of lemons, sugar, and crushed ice, Del's also sells dry mixes for a make-at-home drink.

13. Maple Syrup and Soft Serve 

A popular summer treat in Vermont, where maple syrup is the star, maple creemees are synonymous with soft serve. The best are made with pure maple syrup and local milk, taking advantage of Vermont's finest food products.

14. Needhams Candy

This odd chocolate-covered candy is like a Mounds bar, but with a secret ingredient — potatoes. Also known as "potato candy," Needhams candy combines chocolate, coconut, and potatoes, a major Maine vegetable crop. They're a fun find at local candy stores!

15. Ice Cream is a Food Group

You'll be hard-pressed to find chain ice cream stores in New England, especially in the more rural towns. In the summer time, going to ice cream stands is an especially big treat, because many of them close for the winter.

Whether or not you are from New England or just visiting, it will be difficult to not stumble upon one of these foods. As a true East Coaster, these are food things you'll only understand if you grew up by the Atlantic Ocean.