With prom season right around the corner, people are not only scrambling to find dates, but also to find the perfect #promposal, or creative way to ask someone to prom. Have your eye on someone, but have no idea how to ask? Look no further. In my high school days, I saw and experienced lots of fun promposals and have compiled a list of some of my favorite food related ones here. What better way to ask someone to prom than to charm them with a funny pun and food? If there's food involved, any one is bound to say 'yes'!

1. I hope this isn't too cheesy...PROM?

Pun: I hope this isn't too cheesy...PROM?

This is such a cute way to ask someone to prom. First of all, who doesn't love pizza?! Order a pizza, spell out P-R-O-M with pepperonis, and knock on your potential date's door with the pizza in hand. Hopefully the pizza will 'deliver' you a date to prom!

2. I didn't know how to ask you to prom, so I thought I'd just WING it

Pun: I didn't know how to ask you to Prom, so I thought I'd just wing it....PROM?

I love this idea—it's cute and easy to do. Swing by Buffalo Wild Wings or your local wing store, pick up some wings to go, and write the pun on the inside of the box. Ta-da! 

3. Let's TACO bout prom?

Pun: Let's TACO bout PROM?

If I was driving and saw my name on the giant sign outside of Taco Bell, I would obviously say yes. Grab your date's attention with their name on the light-up sign and then treat them to their choice of tacos inside. 

4. Roll with me to prom

Taylor Bates

Pun: Roll with me to PROM?

As a sushi lover, I would love to get asked to Prom this way. All you have to do is take your prospective date out to a sushi restaurant or order take out and spell out P-R-O-M with sushi. Then make a fun sign that says "roll with me" and let the sushi do the rest of the talking.

5. I'd go bananas...

Pun: I'd go bananas if you said yes to PROM?

You finally have another excuse to wear your third grade Halloween costume! Throw on that banana suit, pick up some bananas from the grocery store, and don't forget to take a picture with your date in your fun outfit.

6. Be my chick at prom?

Pun: Be my chick at Prom?

If your potential date loves fast food or Chick-fil-A, this is a great option. If you want to go all out like this guy ^^ did, you can even make a waffle fry bouquet and wear a cow costume. And make sure you don't ask on a Sunday!! 

7. We would make a sweet couple at PROM?

Meg Sullivan

Pun: We would make a sweet couple at PROM

This is a classic Prom ask. If you've run out of ideas completely or have been procrastinating asking and Prom is tomorrow, use this idea! You can go all out and get cupcakes or a cookie cake with prom spelled out, or you can just grab some boxes of candy and make a sign. 

8. I wanna take you out to PROM?

sprouts, pork
Emily Lindsay

Pun: I wanna take you out to PROM?

This is such a fun idea. Order any kind of take-out food- Chinese, sushi, or Italian, and write your Prom ask on the take out box, then deliver it to their door. And if you're lucky, they might even share the food with you.

9. I cannoli ask one person...

Pun: I cannoli ask one person...PROM?

This is the ultimate prom ask. Head to an Italian bakery and order some special cannolis for your date. And if you're from Boston, go to Mike's Pastry...the best place for cannolis in town!

10. Don't be a meanie...go to prom with this weenie.

Pun: Don't be meanie...go to Prom with this weenie.

This is such a funny ask. You will look irresistible in a hotdog suit and your date will 100% say yes. If you're feeling bold, may as well skip the prom dress and just keep the hotdog suit on! 

Go hit the grocery store, your favorite restaurant, or costume shop to spice things up for your prom ask! C'mon, a food related promposal is every foodies dream. 

Pun: Let's shake things up at PROM?