Women in the food world often don't get the credit they deserve. Between 2009-2014, women comprised only 24 percent of unique nominations for James Beard awards, and 13 percent of "Outstanding Chef" nominations. So I thought it was important to recognize some of the badass female-owned companies in the food industry. Here are 15 female-owned snack companies you need to know about that produce everything from healthy snacks to decadent desserts. 

1. Jcoco (Chocolate)

Jean Thompson, owner and the "J" in Jcoco, creates her flavors in collaboration with chefs from across the world. Her mission is to craft innovative indulgences while also participating in empathetic global citizenship. Every time a Jcoco 3 oz bar is purchased, the company donates a "fresh, healthy serving of food to someone who would otherwise go without." Check out chocolate bar flavors like "black fig pistachio" and "edamame sea salt" in stores or online.

2. Delighted By Dessert Hummus

Makenzie Marzluff's dessert hummus brand was created to be an edible example of "how delightful life on earth is when you're in alignment with the gifts you came to give." Featured on Shark Tank, Marzluff's ingenious trick was to replace the garlic and lemon from traditional hummus with cinnamon and vanilla beans, and trade out olive oil for coconut oil. She was left with delectable concoctions like brownie batter hummus that only rack up 80 calories per serving.

3. Tipsy Scoop

Melissa Tavss got her start in marketing for liquor brands, absorbing how to infuse alcohol into just about every food product imaginable. Then, she launched NYC's first alcoholic ice cream shop, Tipsy Scoop, where she infuses traditional ice cream flavors with a variety of liquors. Each scoop boasts 5 percent ABV, so instead of sipping on a beer, you can get tipsy off your dessert (as long as you're 21 and over). 

4. Dō

I'm not sure there's a single millennial who hasn't seen the effects of , as evidenced by the rise of cookie dough shops, Facebook videos, and grocery store-options everywhere. Kristen Tomlan just wanted to be able to safely indulge in raw cookie dough, and accidentally tapped into a craving of humans everywhere. If you don't want to brave the notorious line at their storefront, you can order online from the comfort of your bed.

5. Fusion Jerky

KaiYen Mai's family has been crafting traditional Asian jerky for generations. Mai decided to branch out on her own with an all-natural, high-protein, low-sodium gourmet jerky made without gluten, preservatives or nitrites. The brand draws from four protein sources—turkey, pork, chicken, and beef—to create unique flavors like "Grilled Island Teriyaki Pork" and "Chile Basil Turkey."

6. The Painted Pretzel

The Painted Pretzel began as a pet project of a stay at home mom, Raven Thomas. Wife of retired NFL player Eric Thomas and mother of two young boys, Thomas was inspired by chocolate-covered pretzel snacks she thought she could improve upon. And true to her word, Thomas' Painted Pretzel brand has grown into a product sold nationwide.

7. Jars by Dani

Danielle Beckerman is the young, fashionable entrepreneur we all want to be. She designs decadent desserts in mason jars and sells them out of a storefront in NYC. As the brand grew, Dani stopped being able to hand-deliver across the city and expanded to nationwide shipping (and is in some grocery stores!). For that, I am eternally thankful.

8. June B. Sweet

June B Sweet will always hold a special place in my heart. The owner, June Drummond, has been my neighbor and guardian angel for years, but she also makes a bomb brigadeiro. These hand-crafted Brazilian works of art are edible and available online if you can't make it into her DC storefront.

9. Wild Ophelia

The Wild Ophelia line was created explicitly to "encourage, educate and propel American high school and college girls who have entrepreneurial dreams in food." Ophelia is the muse behind the brand's Accelerator Program, which grants three young women each year funding and mentorship to launch their own brand.

10. By CHLOE.

Samantha Wasser is the queen of fast-casual eating. Her original concept, by CHLOE., is an award-winning, plant-based, environmentally-friendly restaurant that redefines what it means to eat well and eat vegan. If you have the chance to go, you have to try the Quinoa Taco Salad or the Mac 'N Cheese! 

11. Baked by Melissa

Baked by Melissa began when Melissa Ben-Ishay got fired from her job as an assistant media planner and decided to turn to baking. Now her bite-sized cupcakes are famous across the country and have 14 distinct retail locations. The Valentine's Day collection is live now, with flavors like White Chocolate Pretzel and Cookies & Milk.

12. P.S. Snacks

Nikki Azzara loves sweets. She also loves eating healthily, and maintains a gluten-free diet. So naturally, she needed a cookie dough alternative that both satisfied her cravings and made her body feel great. The solution? P.S. Snacks and its delicious chickpea cookie doughs.

13. Siete

Veronica Garza's family of seven (siete!) all adopted a low-inflammation, grain-free diet when she was diagnosed with multiple debilitating autoimmune conditions. And after finding ways to make grain-free Mexican food work for them, the family decided to share their creations with the world. You might have seen their chips at places like Whole Foods. 

14. Daily Harvest 

Daily Harvest packs unprocessed, unrefined foods into convenient frozen packages, offering smoothies, soups, harvest bowls, and sundaes. Founder Rachel Drori wanted a way to eat healthy without compromising her limited time, and she was unsatisfied with her options. So she made her own. You can order them online to give them a try. 

15. Vosges Haut-Chocolate

Vosges Haut-Chocolat's goal is to bring its customers into an "experiential realm of storytelling through the medium of chocolate." Owner and chocolatier Katrina Markoff has traveled, trained, and experimented with flavors all over the world. And yet she always returns to her Chicago kitchen to create the next step in her very own chocolate revolution. These chocolates range from salty to sweet, and are definitely one of a kind. 

These are definitely not the only female-owned food companies, but each of these women has crafted her own slice of the food world, and each one is killing the game.