Hailed as one of the healthiest foods, avocados have been taking the nation’s brunch scene by storm. We’re all familiar with its ability to transform into chunky guac or make toast delicious, but there’s still a lot we need to learn. So get comfy, and get ready to learn all of the avocado’s deepest darkest secrets.

1. Avocados are actually a fruit


Photo by Samantha Thayer

Although avocados are usually used in savory preparations, they are technically fruits. To be even more specific, avocados are actually berries because of their pits.

2. They’re full of fiber


Photo by Tiare Brown

One medium-sized avocado has 10 grams of fiber, which means that each serving size has 2 grams of fiber.

3. They’re gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian


Photo by Amanda Shulman

People with dietary restrictions, rejoice! Avocados are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and vegetarian, which means that there’s no need for any special labeling. Try making this guacamole hummus to celebrate.

4. It’s easy to tell when they’re ripe


Photo courtesy of swissnutritioneer.com

When your avocado is ripe, it’ll turn a darker color, feel soft to the touch, and it’ll be easy to remove the stem.

5. They’ll give you healthy skin


Photo by Elizabeth Layman

Avocados contain many benefits for your skin including Vitamin C, Vitamin E, oleic acid, and antioxidant carotenoids. All of these vitamins and antioxidants can prevent wrinkles, fine lines, and they keep your skin hydrated and soft.

6. They’re better than boring vitamins


Photo by Kai Phillips-Lustick

Each serving size (1/5 of an avocado) has about 20 different vitamins and minerals.

7. Be careful if you’re allergic to latex


Photo by Lauren Feld

According to doctors, people who have serious latex allergies can also experience similar reactions after eating avocados.

8. They symbolize love and fertility


Photo by Rachael Piorko

Avocados grow in pairs on trees and are the Aztec symbol of love and fertility. Also, avocado trees can’t self-pollinate, they need another avocado tree nearby to breed.

9. Americans eat a LOT of guacamole


Photo by Amanda Shulman

Every Super Bowl Sunday, Americans consume around 8 million pounds of guacamole. That’s a whoooole lot of guac. Check out how to upgrade your guac for the next Super Bowl.

10. You can use them in recipes instead of butter


Photo by Emily Hu

Use avocados in your baked goods instead of butter for a healthier option. Avocados are just as creamy as butter, but have healthier fats. Try making these dark chocolate avocado truffles.

11. You can use them in your hair


Photo courtesy of backtoherroots.com

You can make hair masks with just avocado and olive oil. These masks can help with hydration, split end repair, and revitalization.

12. California is basically avocado heaven


Photo courtesy of photopin.com

95% of the avocados in the United States are grown in California. Road trip here we come.

13. People have eaten avocados for thousands of years


Photo by Paige Pulaski

The first evidence of avocados was found in Puebla, Mexico, 10,000 years ago. The fruit was very significant in the Aztec and Mayan societies.

14. You can help ripen your avocado


Photo by Gabrielle Levitt

If your avocado isn’t ripe, you can put it in a brown paper bag for 2-4 days. To speed up the process even more, add a banana or an apple to the bag.

15. You can put them in ice cream


Photo by Hannah Lin

Make delicious avocado ice cream with this recipe.